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During the last couple of years, MyTVShows has been having some serious issues with it's database. We ran a crowdfunding campaign so that we could afford to develop the much awaited new version of MyTVShows, with a lot of new features all of you requested and fixing the duplicated episodes problems.

Thanks to all who contributed, we managed to hire a company to rebuild the website for us (you can try it at beta.mytvshows.org) however, they didn't build the database as we wanted and it has even more bugs than the current one. Also, they didn't manage to migrate the data to the new one.

This means that we have an incomplete website because we can't import or fix the episodes database and we can't migrate your data to the new database without hiring another company to redo the database (and the scripts that update it) but all the money was spent in rebuilding the website.

I've maintained MyTVShows since 2007 because at the time there was no way to manage my episodes. Even today, I still feel that MyTVShows is way better at that than the competition. However, I lack the time and patience to continue supporting this project and as such, after you login, you can export all your MyTVShows data and use it however you like. Our friends from TVMaze already developed an importer so that you can switch to TVMaze and keep all your current data from MyTVShows.

I'd like to say I'm sorry to all those who contributed with money to build MyTVShows v2, but unfortunately it didn't go as we all expected.

In a near future I might release the source code to the community so that anyone else can pick up on this amazing project.

Use the search box above or navigate through all the shows we have available.

Just a few things you can do with MyTVShows

  • Keep track of the episodes you've seen

    Keep track of the episodes you've seen.

    For each Show and Season, you can keep track of the episodes you have already seen and the ones you haven't yet.
    Please note that TV Shows does not manage your movie files, only the show's information.
  • Automatically import show, season and episode data

    Automatically import show, season and episode data.

    So you don't have to insert all the data by hand, we import all the show's data from theTVDB.com (an Open Database for TV fans).
  • Check for new episodes on the fly

    Check for new episodes on the fly.

    Want to know if there's a new episode for your TV Show? It's just one click away!
  • Rate your shows and episodes

    Rate your shows and episodes.

    You can rate every show and episode you watch. Check out the stats page for the overall rankings.