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Webdreams - Season 2

3 viewers


1  Episode 1

Montreal producer Vid Vicious is under extreme pressure, needing to complete five shoots for a client in seven days. He’s having trouble recruiting enough girls. After the STD tests are done, he gets to work. Unfortunately one actress finishes her shoot and then changes her mind and wants the tape destroyed, and another girl shows up late and unprepared. We see Vid as he shoots scene after scene in rapid fire – but will he fill his quota? Two thousand miles away in Vancouver, Diesel is wrapping up one of his highly lucrative webcam shows. Now, with his girlfriend MJ, Diesel is expanding his web business into producing other people’s sites. We meet their first protégé, Solaya, a she-male escort who has never “done web” before. Her first show is disappointing, and Diesel cuts it short. They try again a few days later, with a more hardcore spin that has Solaya’s subscribers going wild. Uncle D is in Florida, shooting booty for his kingdom of the posterior. He’s been contacted by his idol, John “Buttman” Stagliano, the American kingpin of ass fetish. D rushes back to his studio in Toronto to complete a photo shoot with a favourite model in order to have a great package to send to Stagliano. After wrapping up in his studio, he’s off to the post office with a big smile on his face. We meet Violet Manson as she is finishing up one of her legendary webcam shows at Montreal’s LiveCamNetwork. Violet is embarking on her own solo site and is having trouble pinning her investor down. After confronting him about his negligence in helping her get the project off the ground, Violet finally has a photo shoot set up for the site. It’s a huge weight lifted – things are starting to roll for

Air Date: 2007-04-06

2  Episode 2

Uncle D is in Las Vegas at one of the most glamorous adult industry conventions in the world for a business meeting with his idol, John “Buttman” Stagliano. But even though D has travelled across the continent for this meeting, he can’t find Stagliano’s booth at the convention! He finds it just in time, and after a deal is struck, D gets entry into some big-time VIP parties where we see what he does best – shooting ass. He’s on a high until an argumentative call with girlfriend Kayla proves a major comedown. Lance Strong and Alexandra Belle are two of the hardest working performers on the Vancouver porn scene, and they’ve been married since they were teenagers. Lance and Alexandra want to start their own business – going from actors to becoming their own producers. They shop for production equipment but it’s all more than they can afford. So they strike a deal with another porn couple, their friends Bucky and Janessa, who have a bungalow and the necessary equipment – and who are also thrilled to shoot with the couple. Hidden away in the Vancouver suburbs is Angelique Leclair. This Quebec-born pioneer of Internet porn made her name in the early Internet boom days with her site Her new boyfriend, Celt, an airline pilot, has recently moved in and is adjusting to the fact that in an effort to keep her audience, which has dwindled to a shell of its former size, Angelique has wired the entire house – including bathrooms – with webcams. And now she’s exploring becoming a professional dominatrix too. Is Celt okay with all this? At MSM studios in Montreal, owner David Blum has been negotiating a deal with FCF, one of North America’s biggest adult modelling agencies. The first collaborative shoots are gearing up today. But just as MSM’s Vid Vicious is ready to begin shooting, David has some troubling news: The deal has fallen through; the modelling company is going to sign with someone else. Vid wants to go on with the shoot anyway, and we watch as he expertly films a gaggle of girls engaging in one of the toughest manoeuvres in the business – “squirting,” otherwise known as female ejaculation.

Air Date: 2007-04-13

3  Episode 3

It’s been a couple of weeks since Uncle D’s argument with his long-distance girlfriend Kayla, and now she’s coming to Toronto to spend some time with him. The couple will be shooting for a website Uncle D is building featuring Kayla. It’s her first time modelling, and D’s first time working with a girlfriend. They romp tirelessly through a boutique hotel all night long – Kayla in a skin-tight red vinyl suit, and D clearly enamoured. When they wake up the next morning, things seem a little awkward as they talk about the future of their relationship. Is Kayla ready for “the whole Uncle D thing”? Angelique is looking further into becoming a dominatrix. After phoning several local S&M experts, she finally secures a lesson with Veronica, a well-known dominatrix. Veronica welcomes Angelique into her dungeon and shows her the ropes of whips and flogging on a willing client. Angelique and Celt discuss the impact this career move could have on their lives. Angelique then returns to the dungeon for her first solo session as a leather-clad dominatrix. Diesel is arranging to meet another transsexual, eager to create a harem of new performers in this lucrative niche. He meets Sabrina, an escort, in her shabby apartment in Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside. He tells his girlfriend MJ that Sabrina seems rough ’n’ ready, but as Diesel begins shooting with her, he finds her surprisingly inhibited. Diesel questions whether he’s got the right performer in Sabrina, and begins to wonder if he’s in the right business entirely. Violet meets with Vid Vicious to get some advice about her site. Vid tells Violet that he thinks the design her backer has given is a “template” – a cheap, generic, fill-in-the-blanks design. Violet, unhappy with the situation, takes a gig at a swingers’ club run by a well-known duo of Montreal marketers in the hopes that they will be charmed and help her with the site. Her plan works. They all meet with Violet’s backer, who is less than impressed with their experience in the online adult porn world.

Air Date: 2007-04-20

4  Episode 4

Lance and Alexandra have solidified their partnership with Bucky and Janessa on, and now looking to bring some VIP star power to the project. They call their old friend Malezia, who is now a famous name in international porn, part of the stable of highly glamorous “Vivid Girls.” She agrees to fly to Vancouver – for a price. The shoot ends up being hotter than anyone imagined… but was it worth the expense? Since MSM lost a major partnership deal, Vid Vicious has been investigating new niches for the company. He’s contacted by female bodybuilder Lana, and decides to try shooting some artistic nudes with her. Lana’s rough “silicone and muscles” look is not Vid’s thing, but he thinks it might be somebody else’s. Vid reveals to Lana that he has just “come out” about his porn career to his family, but that it’s still a hard profession to explain to the outside world. Violet’s plans for her site have hit a wall due to the apparent lethargy of her investor. She again meets with the marketers and swingers’ club owners and they offer to take over. Violet ponders the offer guiltily as she does a photo shoot, one paid for by her investor and shot by his good friend. Word gets back to the investor that Violet is unhappy with the progress of her site, and he finally comes through with a new design, one he thinks will better reflect Violet’s red-hot style. Diesel and MJ need to update Solaya’s site and create content for her planned DVD. But after watching Diesel shoot with the transsexual model, MJ gets a strange vibe, and walks out on the shoot. She later admits to being freaked out by “a woman with a dick,” but is really just uncomfortable with Diesel’s relationship with Solaya. The situation upsets Diesel, who has a crisis of conscience, and tries to temper his guilt.

Air Date: 2007-04-27

5  Episode 5

Since MJ walked out of the shoot with Solaya, she has been reluctant to continue working with Diesel on his transsexual niche sites. Diesel is troubled by his girlfriend’s coldness and makes a massive decision: The couple will relocate – to Panama. After making the necessary arrangements, they are ready to go. Solaya worries that her site is being abandoned, and she invites Diesel over for a farewell dinner on his last night in Vancouver. The following day, things get messy when MJ finds a black lace thong in Diesel’s coat pocket. David and Vid are at a Toronto conference, trying to drum up business after their merger with FCF was called off. Unexpectedly, FCF head honcho Stephan tells them he’s still game if they are. Vid and David are thrilled. They return to Montreal with Stefan and immediately organize a recruitment drive for new models. The open call doesn’t go as well as planned for female models, but there might be a diamond among the rough of the male models. Angelique and Celt are in Las Vegas on a working holiday. They hook up with a couple of amateur porn and shoot some girl-on-girl action in an outdoor hot tub. Celt then takes Angelique to a gun range, where delights the staff by asking if she can shoot topless while Celt takes photos of her for her website. She and are looking into future business possibilities, and the next day Angelique visits a brothel. It’s something back on when she decides to stop performing – Angelique says she could see herself as a madam. Uncle D is in Los Angeles to meet with the legendary John “Buttman” Stagliano to discuss the upcoming release of D’s first-ever DVD. Stagliano tells Uncle D that he’s supportive of D’s niche of “non-nude” ass fetish, and yet thinks there is a larger market for “more hardcore” offerings. Considering this, Uncle D returns to Canada and tries his hand at shooting some more conventional hardcore with his friend Gunner and well-known porn star Katrina. After the shoot is done, Uncle D is not sure he’s ready to get out of his niche quite yet.

Air Date: 2007-05-04

6  Episode 6

Angelique and Celt are in Northern Quebec to visit with family and friends. They do a sultry shoot together, shot by Angelique’s friend Sophie, the photographer who kick-started the porn star’s career. It’s Celt first-ever porn performance. Angelique thinks that shooting as a couple might be a way for her and Celt to supplement their income. When she sees her baby niece for the first time, her maternal clocks clicks on and she starts thinking she’d also like to have a baby with Celt, the first man she’s ever considered marriage material. Lance has been contacted by a high-profile entrepreneur in Miami, who has invited him to Florida to participate in an ultimate fighting–style competition that is equal parts scrum and hardcore porn (the winner gets to have sex with the ring girl). Though Lance is a former extreme fighter and military man, he hasn’t worked out in ages and goes into serious training before flying to Miami. This is a big opportunity for Lance – his possible entry into the lucrative American scene. But will Lance Strong bear out his name? Violet gets a surprise phone call from her estranged boyfriend Tony just as things are getting very busy for her and her website. She’s juggling shoots and now has to deal with the emotional turmoil of her former boyfriend plopping back into her life. She does her first girl-on-girl shoot and is proud of herself, but her bubble is burst when she gets a jealous phone call from Tony, who’s been in her apartment, rifling through her private photos… Stephan returns to Montreal with some of his top models for a big shoot with the folks from MSM. Vid has a new order from a major client, and his crew drives out to the countryside with the gaggle of young nubile girls and the mandate to shoot ten scenes in one day. Vid’s barely shot one when the police show up. Will complaints from neighbours cut the day short?

Air Date: 2007-05-11

7  Episode 7

Vid arrives in San Francisco, ready to further help MSM’s new partnership with FCF. He gets to work right away, shooting his first scene of the day and training Sonny, a photographer at FCF, at the same time. Later that evening, Vid is surprised to find out he’ll be shooting a gay scene – something he’s never done before. Meanwhile, Stephan is forced to fire one of his models and, in turn, destroy the tape Vid shot the previous day. Determined to leave on a high note, Vid lets Sonny shoot his first straight porn scene. He’ll soon find out if Sonny proves a useful protégé. Violet’s relationship with Tony continues to deteriorate as she gets ready to do a special show for one of her chatters. Tony is having trouble accepting Violet’s job and Violet decides it’s best if he moves out. Violet then attends the BAA Awards in Montreal, where she joins her fellow adult entertainment colleagues in a night of celebration. Violet hopes that next year she’ll be on the receiving end of the awards show stage. After arriving in Panama, Diesel and MJ take in the sights of their new home and begin to settle in. Diesel visits a strip club where he proposes setting up webcams in the club. However, working from a new location is requiring more time than originally thought in front of the computers, making Diesel and MJ slaves to the Internet. Uncle D is back in Toronto after his trip to L.A. with the Buttman. Once home, the monotony of everyday life is starting to have an effect on his morale. Luckily, he gets a call from one of his favourite models and schedules a shoot with her. Meanwhile, Uncle D is banking on the success of his new site with girlfriend Kayla, but the line between their work and their personal relationship is beginning to blur uncomfortably.

Air Date: 2007-05-18

8  Episode 8

MSM is busier than ever and Dave decides it’s time he gave Franka her own project. The website will bring something fresh to the web and Franka is in charge of the entire operation. Her experience as a model and photographer could give her the edge she needs. She shoots her first model while Vid is stuck at the studio, editing her work. Lance and Alexandra have teamed up with Vancouver-based porn producer Jake Sweet in what could be a very lucrative deal for both parties. But when Lance fails to show up on time for a shoot, Jake begins to have his doubts and wonders if Lance is not taking this new partnership seriously. Angelique and Celt have an important appointment that could change their lives; they’re going to find out whether or not they’re pregnant. The timing couldn’t be more stressful as they have also decided to move to New York City. Uncle D hasn’t been able to contact his girlfriend Kayla. He decides to take matters into his own hands and flies home to Halifax, where he learns she’s filed a complaint against him with the police; Uncle D relies on his family for support.

Air Date: 2007-05-25

9  Episode 9

Uncle D heads to Europe to visit with friends while doing what he loves best, shooting ass. Trying to forget his troubles with Kayla, Uncle D is quick to get back into his groove and shoots with a local model in anticipation of releasing his second “Smother Me” DVD. Violet is anxious about her upcoming trip to the Internext conference in Miami – she’s going there to promote LiveCamNetwork but asks LCN boss Mark whether she can promote her own website at the convention. Hesitantly, he gives her the green light to promote both. Violet then suffers a setback when, at the last minute, her boss changes his mind. Franka continues working on when she gets the news that she’ll be shooting with well-known porn star Sunny Leone. Excited at the opportunity, Franka is determined to prove to Dave and the rest that she is more than capable of doing the job. Meanwhile, Vid is beginning to feel a twinge of envy after Dave tells him that Franka’s site will be showcased at Internext Miami, and not his. Now living in Panama, Diesel is second-guessing the direction of his life. In a crisis of conscience, he says he feels like he’d be exploiting girls if he goes ahead with his plans to set up webcams in the local strip clubs. He calls off the deal entirely. His girlfriend MJ understands his decision and supports his choice to focus on his website alone.

Air Date: 2007-06-01

10  Episode 10

Violet arrives at the Internext convention in Miami with her website still not online. She tries desperately to contact her webmaster Jim, but he can’t be reached. The severity of the situation gets to Violet. She publicly breaks down at the convention. But her courage prevails and pushes her to promote herself, her job, and her website despite the setback. Jake’s previous misgivings about going into business with Lance are coming to a head at Internext Miami. Lance seems more focused on the party opportunities at the event than the business that needs to be taken care of. Jake wonders if he’s made the right decision of going into business with Lance. Vid and the MSM crew arrive in Miami ready to showcase their new website, But Vid is having a hard time adjusting to his new role as salesman and not as the big-shot director. He’s having no luck making the contacts necessary to promote Franka’s flashybabes website. Angelique gets an invitation to star in a pro porn shoot with Celt in New Hampshire. She is hesitant because she is pregnant, but the couple conclude it would be a beneficial step for her career and not harmful in any way. After finishing the shoot, everyone involved is pleased with the outcome and Angelique is determined not to give up her work in adult after she has the baby.

Air Date: 2007-06-08

11  Episode 11

Violet meets with Vid Vicious to talk about what happened in Miami and confides that she wants to drop her investor Jim but doesn’t know how to do it. Vid offers to shoot material for her upcoming pin-up calendar. Violet then receives a surprising proposal from Mark Prince, owner of the webcam studio she works at – an offer to take over the website for her. Jake concludes that his partnership with Lance is not working out and fires him. Lance realizes that he may not be cut out for producing – but he’s a hell of a performer. Sure of this conviction, he flies to L.A. in the hope that he’ll make the right contacts and impress the right people to make it big. Angelique launches a French version of her website and promotes herself on Quebec radio, hoping to expand her clientele. When she returns home to New York, she gets in contact with a well-known photographer and together they do a photo shoot. Celt decides that he wants to marry her. With his second “Smother Me” DVD expected to be delivered soon, Uncle D does one final shoot with a dominatrix. His material now complete, he heads to L.A. to personally deliver the footage to John “Buttman” Stagliano.

Air Date: 2007-06-15

12  Episode 12

Violet finally dumps her investor Jim and takes Mark Prince up on his offer to become the backer of her website. She now has to move quickly to make sure everything is in place for the site’s launch. Vid sends his demo reel to the major L.A. porn studios in pursuit of a lifelong dream. He immediately receives an invitation to meet with Paul Thomas, a leading porn director. Vid goes to L.A. and soaks up the atmosphere of “Porn Valley.” Uncle D lands himself a gig as a guest on a well-known TV show, Ed the Sock, building up his persona as The Canadian Assman. Celt proposes to a very pregnant Angelique in New York’s Central Park. She accepts. Their engagement is followed by the birth of a baby girl. Now Angelique and Celt must delicately balance their roles as proud parents with their careers in adult entertainment.

Air Date: 2007-06-22


Season 2