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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - Season 2

20 viewers


1  Taking on the Twins:Brandon & David B

The Fab 5 are manhandled(not in the way they'd like) in this episode by a pair of wrestling twins David and Brandon, who want to throw their grandpa a birthday party.The duo have almost no clothes that are actually theirs,they're apartment is just HARRIBLE and and they have no edible food in their fridge.Carson supplies the boys with the basics of a wardrobe and they also get wrestling sneakers and clothing hampers.Jai has a DVD slide show made up of photos of them and grandpa and has David work on a poem.Kyan notices some differences in the boys as Brandon chops off his hair while David gets a cut that will look good as it grows out.He also gets the guys cleaning equipment.Ted shows the twins how to decorate cakes,make pineapple sauce and roast pork.Thom does the twins house in 50's retro, gets them some wrestling safe furniture,which includes a gym mat rug and puts in some new appliances in the kitchen.The prep consists of Brandon taking charge of the roast and sauce while David does

Air Date: 2004-06-01

2  Conquering the Catwalk:David G

for David the catwalk is a chicken run. David's wife is a handbag designer and tonight's her big show she would love to have David walk with her but at the last show he bolted. Their house is bright, REALLY bright and filled with David's handmade furniture. After doing the hora,the transformation begins.The reason that David didn't walk was he didn't have the fashion confidence as his clothes are Brady bunch era.So Carson takes him to a consignment shop and gets him outfits for each season.Jai takes him to a glass studio where they make a bracelet for Jessie David's wife.After taking Polaroids of David in his outfits he shows David how he looked:confident and happy, so he shouldn't worry.Kyan decides that it would take way too long for David to get waxed so he has David do laser hair removal on his neck.He then works on the other problem David's halitosis so he gives David a tongue scraper and teeth whitening strips. Ted after hearing of David's renewal in his faith yet none in his p

Air Date: 2004-06-08

3  Dhrama Dad:Michael C

Michael began his make better 6 years ago when he converted to Buddhism.Problems:his diet (which is from the 18th century)isn't balanced,his prayer station was taken away by the birth of his son TJ,he's using the wrong products for his hair,and his clothes are all too big for him.Also his apartment has lots of cat attacked furniture.Michael loves being different,and tonight's event is Karaoke night!.Carson gets him vintage woven shirts,a new suit and snakeskin boots.Jai take Michael to his old voice coach where they tutor Michael in proper breathing and work on a song,for romance Jai talks about Henna tattoos which Michael demonstrates on Jai.Kyan takes him to the world's only fung shei hair stylist,who gives him a Edward Scissorhands-ish style,Ted takes Michael to the grocery store along with a dietician and they curse all the current anti carb diets.Tonight's dinner will be broil, baked sweet potatoes and sautéed spinach.Thom notices Michael&Amy's love of simplicity& modernism so Th

Air Date: 2004-06-15

4  Straight Outta Brooklyn:Philly R.

Philly is man who knows what he likes:his car,Britney Spears,and beer.The event:a dinner with friends and co workers then taking his Ex back to his apartment.Problems:He trashed his knee and hasn't done a lot of exercise since,his apartment looks like a teenager's,dresses like a messy hip hopper and has a odd beard.Carson keeps some of Philly's old things to give him a high class hip hop look which includes a tie with...Britney on it.Jai who usually takes the guys to yoga or dancing lessons,and gives brief romantic advice.This week has to go to a paint&body shop.He lets Philly pick out a bunch of doodads and that's it for culture. Kyan takes Philly to a gym where they do a light swim,Philly is given a beard trimmer and is told to keep the 5 o clock shadow.Ted takes Philly to the restaurant early to figure what Philly should order ahead of time so it'll seem that he's in charge,Philly is also given new sets of kitchen stuff.Finally Thom,with Kyan's help go to yet another modern furnitur

Air Date: 2004-06-22

5  Queer Eye for a Not-So-Straight Guy:Wayne H.

A HISTORIC EVENT! Wayne is gay, except he's depressed.He hasn't been on a date in 3 years,he lives in a tiny apartment,has oily skin,he collects plastic bags,and he doesn't like veggies.The event:a couple pals are taking him to a bar for open Mic night.So Carson takes Wayne to ""gay men heaven""Blooming-dales,where they flirt with sales boys and get things that fit.Wayne is diagnosed as an Autumn and is told to wear oranges,greens,teals,and browns.Jai learns that Wayne has done a little performing so he and Wayne go to a improv theater along with Wayne's friend Paul where they do a few exercises.As the theater is very good for dates Jai gives Wayne some tickets. Wayne is bit confused when he meets Kyan in a park,Kyan is standing with 2 bikes,so they go for a bike ride for some cardio and talk about what Wayne likes in a guy,back at Wayne's Kyan introduces Beauty Night where they try out different moisturizers and skin treatments.Ted takes Wayne to a cafe where Wayne is stubborn on the s

Air Date: 2004-06-29

6  Raising the Stakes: John S.

John loves a good game of poker.Problems abound for this Ex cop:He loves going to the beach,but he has NEVER used sunscreen,he wears old t-shirts and shorts all year round,his house consists of unfinished projects,and he drinks loads of beer which causes him to loose fast and big in his games.Carson gets John some newer beach attire and for tonight a light green shirt, slacks, loafers and a sports jacket.John also gets new sunglasses.Jai,who got trapped in Johns' old handcuffs,brings Thom and John to a game store.They buy a green poker tabletop and a set of monogrammed poker chips,and to break them in Jai has poker expert Phil Gordon gives John some Tells to help his game. Jai found out that John's wife Rita is usually stuck upstairs during Poker Night,so he arranges for Rita and their daughter Trish to go out for a fancy dinner.Kyan takes John for a cut that adds texture,John also gets a manicure&pedicure,and finally John is given a bunch of sunscreen and lotions.Ted after shaking h

Air Date: 2004-07-06

7  Voiceover Makeover:Barra F

Across the pond we go in this special episode.The Brit Barra,is a accomplished voice over announcer,and tonight he's going to try out for the British Access Hollywood but his life needs some polishing.Problems:multiple hair problems,his wife has picked his rather dull clothes,and his career has been hindered by interaction problems.Dane goes to a plant store to fix up the tiny backyard and Barras' boudoir has been re done in bright colors. Jason takes Barra to meet with Vince a reporter with Access Hollywood to have a screen test arranged.Julian gives Barra a ""funky but chic"" idea with lots of stripes.To help Barras' voice Peyton gets him a herb drink.Tristan takes Barra to meet the hosts of a popular TV show where they give him tips on interviewing,and being natural on camera.Barra is later given a shorter pointer do with highlights,and to make sure he doesn't look pale on camera he gets a spray on tan.Before the boys leave, they give their gifts:a website and new business cards.The

Air Date: 2004-07-13

8  Senior Seeking Style: John K.

John is a widower who has a ""lady friend""named Joan.Problems:has a tiny and dark apartment,he has lived on frozen food and instant coffee,recently lost 45 pounds but he needs more ways to stay fit and his clothes are all baggy. Carson gets him a new blazer and a bunch of striped shirts and teaches him slang,he also gets John new glasses and a watch.The main event is John will take Joan to the Rainbow Room for dinner and dancing so Jai takes John to a dance studio for Foxtrot lessons where the instructor flirts with John.Jai also gives John another date idea with 2 tickets to Hair spray.Kyan introduces John to Pilate's where John ""charms""the teachers,later Kyan gives John a new razor and a bunch of new facial products.Ted takes John to a low carb cooking class with his sister where John flirts with a fellow MUCH younger student ,they also try out different types of coffee.Thom brings John and Ted takes a furniture store where they look for a good mattress and before they go on they have

Air Date: 2004-07-20

9  Never too Late to Celebrate:Chris L.

Chris and Michelle Lim are happy newlyweds and love telling the story of how they met and about their TINY,SIMPLE hurried wedding as Chris had gotten a great job in the US (they're both from Canada)but their families didn't want them ""living in sin"" so now they're in a itty bitty apartment over a laundromat.Oh well,Problems:Chris has mulletish thinning hair and dry skin,he has a nice body from years of swimming but doesn't show it off right,he is really frugal causing their apartment to be very bare.Anyway,the event is that the Lims want to have a belated wedding reception with all their friends and family flying in from Canada to see them for the 1st time since they moved.So Carson gets Chris a brown suit and some sportswear,Carson quickly shoves Chris out of the store off to Jai and then dashes up stairs to the women's department where Michelle is waiting where he gets her a lovely ensemble. Back at their apartment Carson is waiting with a salesman and a bodyguard who is holding diam

Air Date: 2004-07-27

10  Top of the (Trash) Heap:Al D.

Al is a sanitation chief,with a girlfriend named Sandra and an apartment with a great view.However,Al's apartment is full of junk and he has few pieces of casual wear.The event tonight is a cocktail party.Carson gives a lesson in suit anatomy,and gets some things so Al can be dressy yet casual.Jai takes Al to a etiquette teacher.Kyan brings Al to a gym where they do a ""full throttle"" workout.Later Kyan teaches Al how to give a foot massage(Sandra's a flight attendant).Ted takes Al to a restaurant where they special in cheese,Al is told about cheese and wine tasting.Before going home Ted takes Al back to an old sanitation plant to see what Al's world is like.Back at Al's Ted gives him a review.Thom gets Al space saving furniture and does the apartment in a ski lodge theme,and as a special treat Thom gets high thread count sheets.The prep is brief,Sandra is speechless and Al is a perfect host.

Air Date: 2004-08-03

11  Refining New York's Finest: Michael Z.

Michael is a:cop,brother,role model,boyfriend and baseball player.Problems:his apartment is empty and ugly,he's extremely forgetful and a procrastinator,he doesn't have a lot of color in his wardrobe,and he's kinda out of shape.Carson gets Michael a suit that can be transformed into several different outfits,he also gets him a set of clothes for the P.A.Ls game Michael will be playing in tonight.He also gets a new pair of sneakers(see goofs).Jai gets Michael a Sidekick,he also has Michael work on a little speech for his mom.Kyan,after telling off Michael for eating too many cheeseburgers takes him to the gym for an ab workout,he laters gives Michael a membership card for a year, foot powder,and a nose hair trimmer.Michael's diet is full of fat and grease so Ted takes him to a healthier burger joint where Michael tries a tasty soy burger.Michael's girlfriend Mellie is coming over before the game so Ted shows how to make a wheat pasta dish.Thom gets basic things for Michael's apartment

Air Date: 2004-08-10

12  Queer Eye for the Shy Guy:Sean K.

Sean is a guy who at first seems wouldn't need any help from the Fab 5.He's cultured,young and fairly cute,BUT he is a:toy collecting,chronic razor burning,Ramen noodle eating freelance designing,Internet obsessing INTROVERT!(whew that was a finger full to type).Carson after finding out that most of Sean's wardrobe is black,black,and black brings color back in it.Jai and Sean take a field trip to Long Island City to go to a museum where they converse over dating,Jai also tells Sean what he'll be doing tonight:speed dating!back at Sean's,Jai has the rest of the guys play different types of dates:Thom-""difficult,"" Kyan-""shy,"" and Carson-""drunk and physical"".Sean loves martial arts so Kyan takes him to a capoeira class,Kyan also get Sean an exfoliate,a in-shower shaving mirror, and a moisturizer to deal with his razor burn. Ted and Sean go grocery shopping, they get a roast-able chicken and a bunch of sides.Thom takes Sean to a store where after you pick your furniture you use a computer

Air Date: 2004-08-31

13  An Opening Night to Share:Winston S.

Tonight's culture should be a visit to a mental institution.Why? Winston,a Wall Street exec MBA quit his very nice job to open a restaurant in the East Village with his girlfriend Kay.Problems:his wardrobe is nothing but pricey suits and plaid,he has skin problems and a rash on his chest,his apartment is too small for Kay to move in and it's coated in 2 inches of dust,the restaurant Share looks like a doctor's waiting room,and this West sider has to learn how to run a restaurant and fit in the East Village.Carson takes him to a combination restaurant/store where Winston is outfitted in things that will look cool and and be comfy.Carson also gets Winston shoes that were designed for people who stand on their feet for a while,as a surprise Carson also created the uniform for the staff. Jai takes Winston down the street from Share to chat with his neighbors,and they give him 2 pieces of advice: 1)be friendly to everyone regardless of appearance 2)DO NOT WORK WITH A FRIEND OR SIGNIFICANT

Air Date: 2004-09-07

14  It's Only Rock&Roll:Ari V.

Ari is the lead singer in the fledging rock group the Pelicans.The pelicans have been doing little club gigs and concerts so it's a good thing Ari has a salesman's job to keep his tiny,crammed full of stuff apartment which holds his bought in bulk wardrobe.Ari himself consists of bed head and someone who won't make eye contact with the audience.Tonight's event is that the Pelicans will be playing at a better club.According to Ari,the Indie Rock look is how you look when you slept past the alarm.Ignoring that Carson get Ari some boots to make him look taller,layers,and a cool blazer with the band's picture on the back.Jai after seeing Ari's equipment takes him to guitar store where Ari is given a new amp and guitar.Later Jai gives him tips on Mic handling,style on stage,and tells that there will be some record reps and a guy from Rolling Stone.Kyan has Ari's hair done so he can gel it down for work but play with to perform.Ari is later given a bunch of products.Ted helps Ari create pae

Air Date: 2004-09-14

15  Moving Out but Not Moving Far:John W.

John is getting married in a couple weeks,he and his fiancee Coreen have bought their 1st home and everything seems great.BUT John has NEVER lived away from home.His mom has cooked his food,done his laundry and cleaned his room for the last 28 years!he's also overly generous with his finances,developing a gut,and top everything else the event is a housewarming BBQ for 26 people!.Carson has disappeared to a VIP shopping sale and according to a note he left in the car he'll be back later.Anyway the other guys each pick a scenario to dress John in,Carson later looks over the purchases and says the guys didn't do half bad. Jai takes John to the New York Stock Exchange for some financial counseling.Jai also gets bigger tank for Mike&Ike John's turtles. Kyan takes John to a kayaking lesson where surprise!Coreen's there too.As John has been of late eating the college diet of pizza,burgers,etc Kyan gives him an array of vitamins.Ted takes John to a plant store to buy growable herbs,Ted also

Air Date: 2004-09-21

16  Second Time Around:Steve P.

Steve has been through a lot.His wife was found unfaithful with his best friend,who in the divorce rigged that she got all the furniture,just as his last chair was taken he got a call,his dad had died! and then he got fired!But he did get 3 great things among this sadness:rights to keep his superb pooch Stella,his awesome 150 yr old house,and Bailey, a fellow divorcee.So,tonight Steve is going to introduce Bailey to his family and friends,to show that he's out of his funk.Carson gets Steve a new suit and some sportswear.Jai,who notes that Steve's house is messy and extremely disordered takes Steve to the Container store were they get office type stuff,Jai later give Steve a new laptop.Kyan likes Steve's medium length mop,so he has it shaped and is given a variety of products.Ted after finding out that Bailey loves chocolate and Steve spicy food finds the perfect dish for them: Mole!(a superfluously done sauce) Ted teaches how to do a chocolate based and a spicy one and to coat a chicke

Air Date: 2004-11-02

17  A Queer Eye Thanksgiving

The Fab Five are having a Pre - Thanksgiving Dinner! They invite three straight guy's families: The Bravo Twins, The Toales and The Goldmans. They each get a brown apron with their names, Ted teaches them how to cook a turkey, Thom shows them some ways to decorate and Carson helps them make napkins with their initials on them. They watch the day each straight guy was made over, then watch when they visited them yesterday. They play football and we find David no longer does a monkey, but a dinosaur. He ends up jumping onto the bench then on top of Jai, which requires Brandon, Kyan and Ted to get him off!

Air Date: 2004-11-23

18  The Brady Bunch Does Christmas:Richard M.

Richard and his lovely wife Megan have been together for 3 years.They have 5 kids,and loads of Christmas traditions.However their holiday happiness has a couple hitches: each half of the family have their own ways and they don't like sharing them.The decoration budget is limited and has caused only 1 room of the house to be sightly cheerful,also certain decorations are old and not very eye appealing, and Richard's traditional breakfast although tasty doesn't have a lot of panache. To make sure they cover everything the Fab 5 are staying over!Also the event is a holiday brunch for friends and family.When they arrive the kids are shy until Jai shows them their practice Christmas tree.Yes,practice Christmas tree (to test their decorating skills). After the house is decorated,the fab 5 shake their heads and get to work.Carson gets the kids matching PJ's and some formal wear for church and what not.Richard and Megan each get a new outfit too.Jai helps the kids create a play for the brunch a

Air Date: 2004-12-07

19  A Home to Come Home To: Ray S

Private First Class Ray is in the army, and the possibility of being sent to Iraq has made him fear for the wellbeing of his partner Maria and their baby daughter. The Fab Five throw the pair a beautiful, heartrending wedding ceremony, and play fairy godfathers with a huge array of gifts.

Air Date: 2005-01-11

20  A Pigskin Proposal: Brian M

The Fab Five help football fanatic Brian arrange a unique proposal for his equally sports mad girlfriend Rachel - on the field at a Jets game during halftime!

Air Date: 2005-01-18

21  Queer Eye for the British Guy: Simon B

The Fab Five have done their best with the straight men of America, and now it's the Brits turn. Former pop star Simon Britton has long wild red hair, a wardrobe of dungarees and bright fluffy sweaters, a tiny house with holes in the wall, and a wicked case of stage fright. Which of these things will hinder him the most as he prepares to release his comeback single? Well, none of them - it's Fab Five to the rescue in Queer Eye's first international make-better.

Air Date: 2005-01-25

22  An American Straight Guy in London: Darin D

The Fab Five are still in England, but they must be feeling homesick because they're making over another American! Darin is spending a year working towards his PhD at the University of Essex in Colchester. He and his wife Julie miss their native California, so the Fab Five help them get settled in by arranging a romantic night in London, culminating in a surprise visit from their family from back in the US!

Air Date: 2005-02-01

23  The Dude Gets a Haircut: Brud L

Brud and Susan met and fell in love twenty years ago. Since then they've married, raised four kids, and divorced. But somehow they're still together and still in love, and they've decided to celebrate with a commitment ceremony. The Fab Five throw a unique, family-oriented ceremony that embraces their commitment to each other and their hippie roots.

Air Date: 2005-02-15

24  Mike the Mechanic: Mike S

Mike S found in calling in life on the side of the road, in the form of a broken down old motorcycle. Now he owns his own motorcycle repair and customization shop. He asks the Fab Five to help him throw a party for potential investors, and they are happy to help - once they have dealt with more pressing concerns, such as the fact Mike only washes his hair twice a year!

Air Date: 2005-02-23

25  A Closet Thespian: Alex M

Alex has longed to act all his life, but has only now, at the age of 29, began pursuing it. While his wife Carine is happy to support him, Alex realizes he needs a little more help - and calls in the Fab Five to get him ready for a big audition.

Air Date: 2005-03-01

26  Minor League Loser to Major League Schmoozer: John D

John is Assistant General Manager to the Staten Island Yankees and loves his job. But his love life is not quite as fulfilling - yet. John has been chatting online with 20 year old Emily for four years and they are just about to take the next step and met each other in person for the first time. The Fab Five help John prepare to meet his cyber beau, preparing a party at the ballgame for Emily and all John's family and friends in his honor.

Air Date: 2005-03-08

27  From Minor Disaster to TV SportsCaster: Kord S

Kord is a cameraman for cable channel NY1, but dreams of becoming a sportscaster. An Achilles tendon injury put him out of action for a while - it's hard to do stand up reports when you can't stand up. But Kord is healthy again and looking to jump start his career, and the Fab Five are right there to help him prepare for his first on camera opportunity.

Air Date: 2005-03-15

28  The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Cameron A

The Fab Five are going on a ROADTRIP! Cameron A is Rush Chair of the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of North Texas. He's a great guy, but his still is blah and their house is squalid and has holes in the walls. The Fab Five take a trip to Dallas to make over the entire frat house.

Air Date: 2005-03-29

29  An Overdue Reunion: Joe H

Joe is a caring husband and father who spends his time entertaining seniors at a nursing home. Since the birth of his son River, he has found himself thinking about his own father, who he lost contact with as a teen after his parents' divorce. In the second Texan make-better, the Fab Five help Joe prepare both physically and emotionally for a heart rending family reunion with the father he has not seen in twenty years.

Air Date: 2005-04-05

30  Home on the Ranch: Scott B

The Fab Five finish off their Texan trip with a visit to the ranch. Scott B recently returned home to his family ranch, and he brought a girlfriend and a baby daughter with him. The Fab Five throw a barbeque to help Scott welcome Jessica and Katherine to the family.

Air Date: 2005-04-12

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Season 2