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Mega Man Star Force - Season 2

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1  The Inheritance of Mu

2  The Seal of Mu

3  Burai's Attack

4  Come Forth, Sword of Berserk!

5  The Yeti of the Himanalas

6  The Mu Ruins of the Himanalas

7  Hyde and Ghost

8  Sword of Trials

9  The Truth About Dossy

10  Brachio's Wish

11  Infiltration! Nansca Village

12  Terrifying God

13  Training de Osaru

14  Ooparts of the Ninja Mansion

15  Three-way Ooparts Struggle

16  An Absurd Strategy!?

17  Hyde's Scheme

18  Orihime's True Colors

19  Empty of Naught

20  The Soldier of Loneliness, Burai

21  The Duel of the Continent Mu

Mega Man Star Force

Season 2