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Kablam! - Season 1

7 viewers


1  All Purpose Kablam!

Sniz And Fondue Second Hand Sniz: Sniz's roommates teach him a ""timely"" lesson. Action League Now Ready, Set, Action!: It's evil vs. action when Mayor is littering and everyone's least favorite heroes must stop his devilish deeds! Prometheus And Bob Bridge: Prometheus ""crosses a bridge"" with Bob. Surprising Shorts - Lava An animal sets off for galaxies unknown. Life With Loopy Back To Nature: Loopy's hygiene attracts attention. Henry & June Theme June is a real page turner, Henry badly wants to win a golf tournament.

Air Date: 1996-10-07

2  Built For Speed

Sniz And Fondue The Making of a Supermodel: Sniz must decide whether to remain on Earth or become an alien mascot. Action League Now! Thunder and Lightning: Lightning is hot over the male attention Thundergirl is receiving. The Louie and Louie Show Louie and Louie finally get ""five minutes of fame"" from their owners. Henry & June Theme Henry and June discover the TV controls -- rolling picture, color and volume adjustments. Afterwards, they demonstrate the show's opening stunts.

Air Date: 1996-10-14

3  Comics For Tomorrow Today

Sniz And Fondue Mod Stylin': Fondue consoles a balding Sniz. Action League Now! The Wrath of Spotzilla Part 1: The evil Spotzilla threatens the community, so learns about musical instruments and encounters a prehistoric mammoth. Prometheus And Bob Music: Prometheus attempts to teach Bob music. Surprising Shorts - Lava Pull My Finger, Tarzan: A small blue man attempts to reach a large animal's tail with hilarious and unexpected results. Life With Loopy Egghead: Loopy's consumption of eggs somehow turns her into one! Henry & June Theme Their superpowers (i.e. June can turn eyelids inside-out).

Air Date: 1996-10-21

4  Comics Of Champions

Action League Now! Sinkhole of Doom: Thundergirl rescues a boy stuck in a garbage disposal. Sniz And Fondue Rage Against the Vending Machine: Sniz and Fondue take on a toy vending machine company. Prometheus And Bob Cooking: Bob dines on ants. Angela Anaconda The First Flush of Love: Angela gets angry when Nanette Memoir receives her valentine. Henry & June Theme Henry's crush on Thundergirl is revealed; Henry and June get new 'dos.

Air Date: 1996-10-28

5  It's Flavorific

Sniz And Fondue Stunt Bike Sniz: Sniz tries to jump the house on his new motorcycle. Action League Now! No Fly Zone: Thundergirl, doused with an evil liquid, loses her ability to fly. Prometheus And Bob Wheel / Clothing: Prometheus teaches Bob to use a wheel and smashes his windshield. Life With Loopy Trouble With Inflation: Loopy inflates the house to escape money woes. Henry & June Theme Red Request Box: Kablam! is trying to become ""your favorite cartoon show,"" so what do you (audience) want; (3D Henry and June segment is) Henry vs. June's ideal super-hero, ""Barbara Schechter.""

6  Kablam! Gets Results

Sniz And Fondue Squeaky Clean: Fondue avoids germs while in a bubble. Action League Now! Roboflesh: The Action League must figure out who is the real Flesh. Life With Loopy Goldfish Heaven: Loopy searches for goldfish heaven. Prometheus And Bob Shelter: Can Prometheus teach Bob to stay out of the rain? Surprising Shorts - Lava One dog gets a surprise, while another angers a sheep. Henry & June Theme June learns self-defense.

7  A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Sniz And Fondue You Dummy: Sniz becomes jealous of a wooden dummy. Action League Now! Stink or Swim: Stinky Diver rescues his brother, Stench Diver, from a smelly fate. Life With Loopy 20,000 Leagues Under the Sofa: Loopy searches for her brother's lucky baseball. The Offbeats Too Much Attention for September: September the dog wishes he had ridden in the helicart. Henry & June theme Introducing Smell-O-Vision: Henry and June introduce ""Smellivision.""

8  Why June Refuses To Turn Page?

June does the wrong hosting (for game shows, competitions, talk shows, etc.). In Action League Now!, the Action League protects heirs to the pigeon legend. June wants to be like Meltman and melts herself and Henry. In Sniz and Fondue, Fondue gets stuck in an elevator and it's up to their favorite celebrity to save him. June tries to make the perfect "KaBlam!" sound, and then introduces the next part of Action League Now. In Life with Loopy, Loopy gets in a pickle while in the pantry. In Angela Anaconda, Angela has to scrape gum. June refuses to turn the last page in order for the show to last "forever".

9  Not Just For People Anymore

Sniz And Fondue Fashionably Fondue Action League Now! The Wrath Of Spotzilla Part 2: The continuation of a previous episode. Prometheus And Bob Fishing: Prometheus attempts to teach Bob fishing. Surprising Shorts - Lava Life With Loopy Goop On The Loose

10  Resistance Is Futile

Sniz And Fondue War of the Supergeeks: Sniz and Fondue's parents trick them into performing loads of chores to see who is the best sibling. Action League Now! Testimony Of Terror: All I can say is... Is this the end of The Action League something awful is about to come! The Offbeats Betty Anne's Glasses Prometheus and Bob Kite Henry & June Theme The 1st Annual Kablammy Awards: Segments are ""nominees"" for ""Kablammiest Cartoon in the Known Universe.""

11  What The Astronauts Drink

Sniz And Fondue Mr. Sniz's Wild Ride: Sniz gets a girlfriend who happens to a motorbike rider. She is only dating Sniz to get blame for everything she did. Action League Now! Dog Day Afterschool: The Mayor sets up an unfortunate demise for The Chief's pooch Justice. Life With Loopy Lunar Loopy: George, erm ... Loopy, lassos the moon! Surprising Shorts - Anemia & Iodine By Krystine Kryttre. Henry & June Theme Henry and June go astronaut for the whole show, from spacesuit plumbing to blast-off.

12  Your Real Best Friend

Sniz and Fondue A Toxic Tail Action League Now! Road To Ruin: A road is mysteriously collapsed while being drived on and many citizens are dying from this. Who is behind this crisis? Life With Loopy Hi-Fi Frankenstein Prometheus and Bob Art / Bowling: Prometheus attempts to teach Bob art and bowling. Henry and June Theme Henry and June parachute in at the beginning, ""Pledge of Kablam-legiance"" at very end.

13  You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!

Sniz And Fondue The Borrowers: Sniz and Fondue owe two gangsters one thousand dollars, while the two ferret brothers have their own plans on how to use the money. Action League Now! In the Belly of the Beast: In another sinister plan, the Mayor traps the Action League in a vacuum. Life With Loopy Mother Nature Bowl-Off: Loopy and Mother Nature play bowling. The Offbeats Robo-Dog, Plays-4-Ever: August buys a robotic canine. Henry & June theme June has the giggles -- again; Henry is not amused.


Season 1