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Gunsmoke - Season 15

6 viewers

1  The Devil's Outpost

Outlaw Yancy Tyce and his outlaw gang try to free Tyce's younger brother now under arrest and being taken to Dodge by Matt.

Air Date: 1969-09-22

2  Stryker

Former Dodge Marshal Josh Stryker arrives in town just being released from prison for killing a outlaw in cold blood. He holds Matt responsible for the loss of his arm and the years he spent in prison.

Air Date: 1969-09-29

3  Coreyville

Matt is summoned to Coreyville, a run-down cowtown, by a young woman whose brother is on trial for murder.

Air Date: 1969-10-06

4  Danny

An old friend of Kitty's learns he is dying comes to Dodge to try to ""go out in style"".

Air Date: 1969-10-13

5  Hawk

A white woman refuses to accept her half-breed son, who Festus brings to her home wounded and needing help.

Air Date: 1969-10-20

6  A Man Called Smith

Abelia, the young widow who once saved Festus' life, returns. She learns that she isn't a widow when her outlaw husband appears and forces her to exchange his stolen gold for cash.

Air Date: 1969-10-27

7  Charlie Noon

Matt, his hardened prisoner Charlie Noon, an Indian woman and her white stepson are tracked by the Comanches as they try to cross the desert. The Indians are going to kill all of them unless Matt hands over the woman, because she left the Comanche leader years before.

Air Date: 1969-11-03

8  The Still

Festus gets mixed up with Merry Florene and her hillbilly clan again as they try to hide a moonshining still and a stolen prize bull in the cellar of the local school.

Air Date: 1969-11-10

9  A Matter of Honor

Louie Pheeters is found at the scene of a murder, the dying man's last words implicate the town alcoholic, who is too drunk to remember what he had just seen.

Air Date: 1969-11-17

10  The Innocent

Festus acts as guide and driver for a Eastern missionary teacher on route to her first assignment. The only problem is trying to stay ahead of a murderous hillbilly family following them and planning a ambush.

Air Date: 1969-11-24

11  Ring of Darkness

In an attempt to help his blind daughter, farmer Ben Hurley steals horses for an outlaw gang. Deputy Newly O'Brien arrives at his farm investigating, followed by the outlaws.

Air Date: 1969-12-01

12  MacGraw

Ex-guman Jake MacGraw arrives in Dodge after spending 20 years in prison. The townspeople think he has come for revenge.

Air Date: 1969-12-08

13  Roots of Fear

Amos Sadler, a dirt farmer faces the loss of his home when a panic closes down the Dodge City bank. To save it he and his wife plan to break into it and steal some money.

Air Date: 1969-12-15

14  The Sisters

Trapper Pack Landers returns and finds his cabin occupied by three nuns and two children he has never seen. The sisters are bringing the children to Landers, who is their father.

Air Date: 1969-12-29

15  The War Priest

Sergeant Holly, a alcoholic loving veteran is getting ready to retire. Just hours before it, a Apache prisoner in his custody escapes with Kitty as a hostage, forcing the Sergeant to go AWOL to get the prisoner back.

Air Date: 1970-01-05

16  The Pack Rat

An orphan steals from Matt but could risk his own life when he tries to help out in an ambush.

Air Date: 1970-01-12

17  The Judas Gun

The feund between Noah Haimes and Clete Bloden gets very bad as romance begins between Haime's son & Bloden's daughter.

Air Date: 1970-01-19

18  Doctor Herman Schultz, M.D.

Doc Adams's old friend is thought to be a thief.

Air Date: 1970-01-26

19  The Badge

Kitty leaves Dodge City after seeing Matt hurt again.

Air Date: 1970-02-02

20  Albert

After a Bank teller tries to foil a bank robber the bank teller takes some money which could cause trouble.

Air Date: 1970-02-09

21  Kiowa

Matt must rescue a teenage girl from indians and bring her back to her family.

Air Date: 1970-02-16

22  Celia

A friend of Newly's is about the victim of a con game.

Air Date: 1970-02-23

23  Morgan

With Matt out helping the Army deliver a gold shipment, Dodge is wide open for Morgan and his men to come in with a Gatlin gun and take over. Breaking into the Long Branch, Morgan is helping himself to whiskey when Kitty shoots him hitting him in the shoulder and the face. With Matt and the gold on the way and Morgan sitting with a big gun and a fever and a crazy streak from the permanent scar he's gonna have, Dodge can only wait to see what comes next.

Air Date: 1970-03-02

24  The Thieves

Sam takes a special interest in Eric Tabray, who is running around in a gang committing crimes in Dodge.

Air Date: 1970-03-09

25  Hackett

An ex-convict wants revenge against the partner that ran out on him.

Air Date: 1970-03-16

26  The Cage

After an outlaw becomes a victim of his own gang he tries to Matt bring in the gang that made him a victim.

Air Date: 1970-03-23


Season 15