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The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 20

16 viewers

1  Rolling Stones / Louis Armstrong / Robert Goulet

--The Rolling Stones - ""Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In the Shadow?"" ""Paint It Black"" & ""Lady Jane"" --Louis Armstrong - ""Cabaret"" --Joan Rivers --Robert Goulet - ""Once I Had A Heart"" --""Holiday on Ice"" segment from Madison Square Garden with skater Ronnie Robertson --Red Skelton (scheduled guest)

Air Date: 1966-09-11

2  Jackie Mason / Herman's Hermits / The Peanuts

Guests include: --Herman's Hermits - ""My Reservation's Been Confirmed"" and ""Dandy"" (and possibly ""L' Autre Jour"") --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedy) - tells jokes about Alfred Hitchcock; does an Ed Sullivan impersonation --The Peanuts (singers Emi and Yumi Ito) - ""Lover Come Back to Me"" --Franco Correlli & Renata Tebaldi (from the Metropolitan Opera) - ""Andrea Chテδεつゥnier"" --Nancy Ames - medley (in English and Spanish): ""Yesterday,"" ""1-2-3,"" ""A Taste of Honey,"" ""Call Me"" and ""La Cucaracha"" --Muppets - 3-headed monster performs rock song (title? ""Rock It to Me,"" by The Bruthers) Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Red Buttons --Polynesian Festival highlights (on film?) - featuring 167 natives from the South Pacific islands.

Air Date: 1966-09-18

3  Supremes / Nipsey Russell / Ethel Merman

--The Supremes - ""You Can't Hurry Love"" & medley (""I Hear A Symphony,"" ""Stranger In Paradise,"" ""Wonderful, Wonderful,"" ""Without A Song"" & ""Yes I Do"") --Ethel Merman - Irving Berlin medley (""All By Myself,"" ""All Alone,"" ""Table And Chair"") and ""I've Got Sunshine In The Morning"" from ""Annie Get Your Gun"" Other guests: --Nipsey Russell (stand-up comedy) --Steve Rossi (comedian) - sings ""Dommage"" --Frank Fontaine (comedian) - does stand-up monologue & sings ""Little Man You've Had A Busy Day"" --Uncalled for Three (stand-up comedy)

Air Date: 1966-09-25

4  Four Seasons / Connie Francis / Gwen Verdon

Guests: --Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons - ""I've Got You Under My Skin"" --Jimmy Durante (comedian) - sings ""It's Kinda Hard to Put Into Words"" and a song about hats (hat routine with chorus girls) --Connie Francis - medley of George Gershwin songs (""Love Walked In,"" ""Let's Call The Whole Thing Off,"" ""Somebody Loves Me,"" ""A Foggy Day,"" ""Swanee,"" ""They Can't Take That Away From Me,"" ""Our Love Is Here To Stay"" and ""But Not For Me"") --Gwen Verdon (singer-dancer) - ""I'm A Brass Band"" & ""Sweet Charity"" --Alan King (stand-up comedian, making his 31st appearance) - talks about his wife's pregnancy. --Arthur Worsley (English ventriloquist) - dummy does all the talking & sings ""When You're Smiling."" --Jim Henson's Muppets --Fiesta Italiana (dance group does a Sicilian bullwhip dance) --The 1966テつwinners of the Harvest Moon Ball dance contest CBS repeated this show on Aug. 20, 1967.

Air Date: 1966-10-02

5  scheduled: Petula Clark; Richard Pryor; Allan & Rossi

Petula Clark - ""Who Am I?"" & ""Come Rain Or Come Shine"" Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Richard Pryor --Wayne & Shuster --Allen & Rossi --Manuela Vargas (possibly The Manuela Vargas Ballet Troupe) --The Berosini Chimps

Air Date: 1966-10-09

6  Four Tops / Eddie Albert / Carroll Baker / Allan Sherman

Guests: --The Four Tops - ""Reach Out, I'll Be There "" --Eddie Albert - ""Ballad of William Sycamore"" --Carroll Baker - medley from ""Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"" --Allan Sherman (comedian) --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - sketch about the last two people on earth meeting each other --Pat Cooper (comedian) --Sergio Franchi (singer) - ""Core 'N Grato"" --Sergio Franchi and the Kessler Twins - ""Shadow of Your Smile"" --The Kessler Twins - ""When In Rome I Do Like The Romans Do "" --The Suzuki Violins (9 children from Japan playing violins) - ""Invitation To The Dance"" --Dick Albers (trampoline act) CBS repeated this show on August 13, 1967.

Air Date: 1966-10-16

7  scheduled: Peggy Lee; Duke Ellington; Jim Nabors

--Peggy Lee - ""Nice and Easy"" & ""Walking Happy"" Other guests (scheduled to appear) --Duke Ellington --Jim Nabors --Mirella Freni & Gianni Raimondi

Air Date: 1966-10-23

8  James Brown / Nancy Sinatra / Stan Freberg / Mrs. Miller

--James Brown - medley of hits: ""I Got You (I Feel Good),"" ""Papa's Got A Brand New Bag,"" ""Prisoner of Love,"" ""Please, Please, Please"" & ""Night Train"" --Nancy Sinatra - ""Strangers in the Night"" & Sugar Town"" Other guests: --Stan Freberg (satirist) comedy routine: A ""Father Of The Year"" award is presented to the father of the H-Bomb & Freberg sings a folk song about men & women having same hair length. --Judith Anderson & Donald Davis (actors) - perform a scene from the play ""Elizabeth, the Queen"" --Rich Little (comedian, does impressions of Walter Brennan, Jack Benny, John Wayne, Art Carney, Jackie Gleason, Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas, etc.) --Arthur Haynes (comedian) - Barbershop sketch - barber is rude to a customer who only wants a shave. --Mrs. Miller - medley: ""Downtown,"" ""How Gentle is the Rain,"" ""Second Hand Rose"" & ""Bill Bailey"" --U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Team - do precision tricks with rifles Audience bows: Mrs. Frank Sinatra, MGM Head Bob Whiteman

Air Date: 1966-10-30

9  Lou Rawls / Nancy Ames / Corbett Monica

Guests: --Lou Rawls - ""Love Is A Hurtin' Thing"" & ""In the Evening"" --Topo Gigio (mouse puppet) - boxing skit --Nancy Ames - ""Be Ready"" & ""Time After Time"" --The Kim Sisters - ""Sound of Music"" medley --Corbett Monica (comedian) --The U.S. Air Force Academy Chorale --The Rudas Dancers --Arthur Haynes (listed as an ""acrobat"") --The Pollack Brothers' Circus Elephants CBS repeated this show on Aug. 6, 1967.

Air Date: 1966-11-06

10  scheduled: New Vaudeville Band; Noel Harrison; Johnny Hart; Joan Sutherland

Scheduled guests: --The New Vaudeville Band - ""Winchester Cathedral"" --Noel Harrison - sings ""Mr. Tambourine Man"" & ""Don't Dilly Dally on the Way"" --Johnny Hart --Joan Sutherland --McGuire Sisters

Air Date: 1966-11-13

11  Dave Clark 5 / Bobby Vinton / Barbara McNair / Dick Cavett

--Dave Clark Five - ""Sitting Here Baby"" (live) and ""19 Days"" promo video --Bobby Vinton - ""Coming Home Soldier"" --Barbara McNair - medley: ""Come Back to Me"" and ""Lover Come Back to Me"" --Franco Correlli (Met Opera singer) - ""Torna A Sorriento"" --Nancy Walker and Charles Nelson Reilly - Doctor's Office comedy sketch --Dick Cavett - stand-up monologue --Henny Youngman (comedian) --Burger's Animals (trained dog act) --Peter Gennaro with female dancers --The Three Wilds (tap dance trio)

Air Date: 1966-11-20

12  Leslie Uggams / Glenn Yarbrough / Muppets

Guests: --Leslie Uggams - ""We Can Work It Out"" --Glen Yarbrough - ""Rose"" (audience singalong during chorus, title might be ""Rose'd Say"") --The Muppets - ""Glow Worm"" (Kermit eats two small worms but has a problem with the third, larger worm) Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Richard Pryor --Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) --Kevon & Wilder (comedians) --Fiesta Mexicana (group performs native songs and dances) --The All-American College Football stars.

Air Date: 1966-11-27

13  Supremes / Gary Lewis & the Playboys / Wayne & Shuster

Guests: --Harlem Globetrotters (comic basketball stunts) --Lainie Kazan - ""What Now My Love"" --The ""Walking Happy"" cast - ""Clog and Grog Dance"" --Wayne And Shuster (comedy team) --Robert Merrill and Jan Peerce (opera singers) - ""La Forza Del Destino""テつテつテつテつ --Red Buttons - stand up monologue --Diana Ross and the Supremes - ""My Favorite Things"" and medley of hits: ""Come See About Me,"" ""Stop! In the Name of Love,"" ""You Can't Hurry Love,"" ""You Keep Me Hanging On"" & ""I Hear a Symphony"" --Gary Lewis and the Playboys - medley: ""This Diamond Ring,"" ""Green Grass,"" ""She's Just My Style"" & ""Where Will the Words Come From"" --Gary Lewis - ""One Last Kiss"" (very short song. Gary sings to girl named Cindy Palmer from Endicott, NY. His last appearance before going into the military.)

Air Date: 1966-12-04

14  Mamas & the Papas / Joan Rivers / Morey Amsterdam

--Mamas & the Papas - ""Monday, Monday,"" ""California Dreamin',"" & ""Words of Love"" Start of show: --Harry James (with orchestra) - ""Ciribirin"" and ""A Taste of Honey"" --Audience bow: Sgt. Robert O'Malley, USMC (Medal of Honor recipient, Vietnam) --On tape: Obernkirchen Children's Choir - sing medley of Christmas songs --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - Topo talks to Ed about Japan. Ends with Ed putting Topo to bed. --Mamas & the Papas - ""Monday, Monday,"" ""California Dreamin',"" & ""Words of Love"" --Morey Amsterdam (stand-up comedy) - re: Ed Sullivan; restaurants; Reagan --Patricia McBride & Edward Villella (ballet dancers) - pas de deux from ""Don Quixote"" --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedian) --Lana Cantrell - ""Let Yourself Go"" --David Frye (stand-up comedian, does impressions of celebrities) --Lana Cantrell - ""Stay""

Air Date: 1966-12-11

15  scheduled: Count Basie; Dianne Carroll; Totie Fields; P. Gennaro

Scheduled guests: --Count Basie --Diahann Carroll --Totie Fields --Peter Gennaro --Sandler & Young

Air Date: 1966-12-18

16  scheduled: European Circus Acts (Krone Circus Arena, Munich)

Ed presents circus acts at the Krone Circus Arena in Munich, Germany.

Air Date: 1966-12-25

17  The New Vaudeville Band / Peter Nero / Joan Rivers

--The New Vaudeville Band - ""Winchester Cathedral,"" ""Whispering"" & ""Shine"" Other guests: --Joan Rivers (comedian) --Peter Nero - ""Summertime"" & ""It Ain't Necessarily So"" --Lana Cantrell - ""You'd Better Love Me"" & ""I Will Wait For You"" --Georgie Kaye (stand-up comedy) --The Castro Brothers - sing ""Tonight"" in Spanish --Les Ballets Africains (dance troupe) --Sandra Balesti (ballet solo to Rodgers & Hammerstein medley) --The Three Haucs (jugglers) --Hendra & Ullet (comedy team) --The Tovarich Troupe (balancing troupe)

Air Date: 1967-01-01

18  Ethel Merman / Gordon MacRae / Flip Wilson / Serendipity Singers

Guests: --Ethel Merman - ""Some People"" --Ethel Merman and Gordon MacRae - ""You're Just in Love"" (a.k.a. ""You're Not Sick, You're in Love"") --Gordon MacRae - Soliloqy from ""Carousel"" --Flip Wilson (stand-up comedy) --The Serendipity Singers - ""If I Were a Carpenter"" & a medley of folk songs --Jose Greco (dancer, with his flamenco troupe) - dance to ""The Horseman"" --Myron Cohen (comedian) - toll booth routine --Malmo Girls (gymnasts from Sweeden) - girls juggle balls in unison --The Royal Highlanders (pipe and drum corps) --The King Toys (acrobatic act) --clown act Scheduled act: --The Muppets

Air Date: 1967-01-08

19  Rolling Stones / Petula Clark / Allan Sherman

--The Rolling Stones - ""Ruby Tuesday"" & ""Let's Spend Some Time Together"" (censored version of ""Let's Spend the Night Together""). --Petula Clark - ""Elusive Butterfly"" & ""Color My World"" --Allan Sherman (stand-up comedian) --The Muppets (Kermit plays the piano & sings) - Following the sketch, Jim Henson comes out to greet Ed --Allan King (stand-up comedian) - routine about family members --Sisters of St. Benedict (Nuns from Erie, Pennsylvania; a.k.a. Sisters '67) - sing a show tune medley: ""It's A Lovely Day,"" ""Consider Yourself"" & ""Kumbaya"" --The Michael Bennett Dancers (clog dancers) --The Monroes (balancing act from Madrid, Spain) --On film: Footage of a 14-year-old waterskiier, Ricky McCormick, doing stunts at Cypress Gardens, Fla. --Audience bow (cameo): Miriam Colon (Puerto Rican star)

Air Date: 1967-01-15

20  Lovin' Spoonful / Johnny Mathis / Ginger Rogers

Guests: --The Lovin' Spoonful - ""Nashville Cats"" & ""Darlin' Be Home Soon"" --Johnny Mathis - medley of hits: ""It's Not For Me To Say,"" ""Twelfth Of Never,"" ""Wild Is The Wind,"" ""Chances Are,"" ""Wonderful Wonderful!"" --Johnny Mathis and Our Young Generation - ""I'm Ready For Love"" --Ginger Rogers - ""Before The Parade Passes By"" (production number from ""Hello Dolly"") --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) --Abbe Lane (singer) - Spanish medley including ""Call Me,"" ""Spanish Flea,"" ""La Bamba"" --Bob King (stand-up comedian) --Topo Gigio (puppet) --Bergergs Chimps (might be Berosini Chimps) - trained animal act --The Three Kims (acrobats / tumblers) Audience bows: Ruby Keeler; Billy Reed CBS repeated this show on 16-Jul-67.

Air Date: 1967-01-22

21  Mel Torme & the Woody Herman orchestra / George Carlin / Nipsy Russell

Guests: --The Woody Herman Orchestra - ""Apple Honey"" --Mel Torme with the Woody Herman Orchestra - medley: ""A Taste of Honey"" ""I Left My Heart In San Fransisco"" and ""More"" --Mel Torme & the Woody Herman Orchestra - ""Bring Back Bands"" --Gail Martin (Dean Martin's daughter) - ""He Loves Me"" & ""Rose of Washington Square"" --The Smothers Brothers (comedy team) - ""John Henry"" --Nipsy Russell (comedian) --George Carlin (comedian) --Enzo Stuarti (singer) - ""Vesti la giubba"" --Your Father's Mustache (banjo-playing band) --The Seven Staneks (acrobats/balancing act)

Air Date: 1967-01-29

22  Woody Allen / Lainie Kazan / Wayne & Shuster

Guests: --Woody Allen (stand-up) --Lainie Kazan (""My Man's Gone Now"") --Wayne And Shuster (stand-up comedians) --Stu Gilliam (stand-up comedian) --The Muppets (female frog sings ""I've Grown Accustomed to His Face"") --The Doodletown Pipers (singers) - ""Rhythm Of Life"" & medley: ""Hang On Sloopy,"" ""Georgie Girl,"" ""Hard Days Night,"" ""California Dreamin',"" ""Barefootin'"" --Gene Barry - ""To Life L'chaim"" & reads from Charles Lownesbury's will --Ugo Garrido (foot juggler) --Audience bows (cameos): Captain Linda Bawnan; Xavier Cugat & Charo

Air Date: 1967-02-05

23  Young Rascals / Joan Rivers / Lola Falana / Nancy Walker

--The Young Rascals - ""Lonely Too Long"" and ""Come On Up"" instrumental (Young Rascals also perform ""Mickey's Monkey"" later in show.) --Peter Gennaro (dancer / choreographer) - dances to ""Baubles, Bangles, and Beads"" with women dancers. --Ravic and Babs (rollerskating couple, from England) --Sally Ann Howes - medley: ""Someone To Light Up My Life"" & ""If He Walked Into My Life"" --Joey Adams (stand-up comedian) - tells one liners & pokes fun at Ed Sullivan. --Los Indios Tabajaros (Indian guitar duo from South America) - instrumental song --Joan Rivers (stand-up comedy) - re: Las Vegas, her mother, parents, smoking, being an unpopular teenager, not being asked to the senior prom. --Lola Falana - ""On Broadway"" with dancers (including Tommy Tune?) --Audience Bow: ""KO"" Phil Kaplan (boxer) --Ed talks about Bert Lahr --Nancy Walker & Jack Gilford (comedians appearing in a sketch first done by Lahr) On film: --The Beatles - ""Strawberry Fields Forever"" & ""Penny Lane"" pr

Air Date: 1967-02-12

24  The Four Tops / Pearl Bailey / Morey Amsterdam

Guests: --The Four Tops - medley: ""Reach Out, I'll Be There,"" ""I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch),"" ""Bernadette"" and ""Climb Every Mountain"" --Pearl Bailey - medley: ""Who Cares?"" ""Nothing for Nothing"" and ""Who Cares"" (reprise) --Pearl Bailey - ""Winchester Cathedral"" --Boots Randolph - ""Shadow of Your Smile"" & a medley --Pat Boone (singer) - sings an excerpt of ""Soliloquy from 'Carousel' (My Boy Bill)."" Boone then performs his own soliloguy about his daughters. --Morey Amsterdam (stand-up comedy) - re: Ed Sullivan; working with dancers; working with a chinless, bald dancer; traveling with wife to Europe & Israel. --Joe E. Lewis (entertainer doing a stand-up act) --The Martys (acrobats from Europe) --Audience bow: Allen Funt (from ""Candid Camera"") Scheduled guests: --Jackie Mason --Gianna D'Angelo

Air Date: 1967-02-19

25  Nancy Sinatra / Henny Youngman / Xavier Cugat

Nancy Sinatra - ""My Buddy"" & ""Sweet Georgia Brown"" Other guests: --Henny Youngman (joined onstage by 10 violinists) --Xavier Cugat Orchestra - ""Tequila"" --Xavier Cugat and Charo - ""Shalom Aleichem"" (Charo plays guitar and sings) --Barbara McNair - ""I Feel A Song Coming On"" & ""Somewhere Over The Rainbow"" medley --Corbett Monica - stand up comedian --The Romeros - Four Flamenco guitarists play --George Campo (Vaudeville style routine) --The Steel Bandits - ""Georgie Girl,"" ""Spanish Flea"" & "" Colonial Bogey March"" (played by young boys on steel drums) --Pinky And Perky (frog puppet act) --Clair & McMahon (stand-up comedy, how commercials can ruin a marriage) Audience bows: Mrs. Marvin Shields (Navy hero's widow); Kathleen Nolan

Air Date: 1967-02-26

26  Dionne Warwick / Gwen Verdon / Rodney Dangerfield

Guests: --Dionne Warwick - ""The Way You Look Tonight"" --Gwen Verdon - ""If My Friends Could See Me Now"" (from ""Sweet Charity"") --Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up comedy, jokes about name, girls, driving, NYC, lawyers, wife) --Alan King (stand-up comedy, jokes about airlines, Miami Beach, doctors, kids) --Robert Horton - ""The Impossible Dream"" --Chris Kirby (British ventriloquist, assorted tongue twisters, sings ""Old MacDonald"") --Norman Wisdom (stand-up comedy, plays clarinet, drums, sings) --Galla Shawn (trapeze artist) --Wychwoods (Poodle Act) Audience bows: Sergio Franci; Bob Thomas

Air Date: 1967-03-05

27  Lou Rawls / Nancy Ames / The Kessler Twins

Guests: --Lou Rawls - ""Yesterday"" --Nancy Ames - ""Cherish"" & ""They Can't Take That Away From Me"" --Jack Carter (stand-up, jokes about California, politics, fatherhood, hippies, 1960's music) --The Kessler Twins - ""Moulin Rouge"" (with dancers) --Smith And Dale (comedians, tax lawyer routine) --Jimmy Joyce (stand-up comedy) - re: airlines; priests --Dick Albers (comic trampoline act) --Grainne Yeats (harpist, sings Irish folk song) --Emerald Society Pipe Band (bag pipe & drum music) --Feller Brothers & Dodo (tight wire act with springboard) Audience bows: John Tio Hagan; Jack Dempsey, Jesse Owens

Air Date: 1967-03-12

28  Lovin' Spoonful / Johnny Rivers / Cab Calloway

Guests: --The Lovin' Spoonful - ""Bald Headed Lena"" (and 2 more songs at end of show) --Johnny Rivers - ""Baby I Need Your Lovin'"" --Alan Drake (stand-up comedian) - talks about an Italian neighborhood & sings. --Cab Calloway - ""Minnie the Moocher"" (with special lyrics to introduce his daughter Chris) --Chris Calloway - ""I'm Not At All In Love"" --Cab and Chris Calloway - ""Side by Side"" --Audience bow: Carol Channing --The Trio Hoganas (balancing act from Europe) - acrobats balance on tightrope --George Carlin (comedian) - talks about daytime TV --Jane Powell (singer) - operatic medley from ""Porgy and Bess"" --Jerry Stiller and Anne Mara (comedy team) - portray a couple at a high school reunion. --The Lovin' Spoonful - ""Do You Believe in Magic?"" (background keeps changing) and ""Daydream"" Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Jackie Kahane (comedian) --Dave Allen (comedian)

Air Date: 1967-03-19

29  Dave Clark Five / scheduled: Eddie Albert; Pat Buttram

--Dave Clark Five - ""I've Got To Have A Reason"" & ""You Got What It Takes"" Other guests (scheduled): --Eddie Albert --Pat Buttram --Muppets --London Lee (stand-up comedy) --Sergio Franchi --Anna Moffo

Air Date: 1967-03-26

30  scheduled: Alan King; Henny Youngman; Wayne & Shuster

Scheduled guests: --Sonny & Cher --Alan King --Henny Youngman --Wayne & Shuster --Robert Merrill --Gospel Jazz Singers

Air Date: 1967-04-02

31  scheduled: Richard Pryor; Ed Ames; Lana Cantrell; Davis & Reese

Scheduled guests: --Richard Pryor --Ed Ames --Lana Cantrell --Davis & Reese --Peter Gennaro --Shirley Verrett --Douglas & Haig

Air Date: 1967-04-09

32  Tony Bennett / Count Basie / Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

Guests: --Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - ""Summer Wine"" --Nancy Sinatra - ""Love Eyes"" --Tony Bennett and the Count Basie Orchestra - ""Sunny Side Of The Street,"" ""I Left My Heart In San Francisco,"" ""Don't Get Around Much Any More"" & ""The Lady's In Love With You"" --Count Basie Orchestra - ""Edward Great Saxophone"" --Totie Fields (stand-up comedian) - talks about having no flaws then sings ""I'm Perfect"" --Peter Gennaro (dancer-choreographer with other dancers) - ""Alouette"" (Totie Fields makes a cameo) --Hendra & Ullet (comedy team) - A Mets fan tries to explain baseball to an Englishman. (The duo performed the same sketch on 7-Aug-66) --Alan Kogosowski (13 or 14-year-old pianist) - plays Chopin's Polonaise --Los Indio Tabajaras - South American Indians play guitars --The Mercners (acrobats) - girl does mid-air somersaults on pole held by 2 men --Audience bow: Dolores Credsler? (star of "" Cherie"") - Ed says, ""Now in our audience tonight is one of the fine singing stars o

Air Date: 1967-04-16

33  scheduled: Bobby Vinton; Bert Lahr; Jackie Mason; Joan Rivers

Scheduled guests: --Bobby Vinton --Bert Lahr --Jackie Mason --Joan Rivers --The McGuire Sisters --George Kirby

Air Date: 1967-04-23

34  Paul Revere & the Raiders / Jack Benny / Melina Mercouri

Guests: --Paul Revere and the Raiders - ""Good Thing,"" ""Ups and Downs,"" ""Him or Me - What's It Gonna Be"" & ""Kicks"" --Rich Little (comedian-impressionist) - imitates Fred MacMurray, Jack Lemmon, John Wayne, Walter Brennan, etc. --Melina Mercouri (Broadway star) - performs ""Illya Darling,"" ""Never on Sunday"" and ""Piraeus, My Love"" in scenes from the Broadway play ""Illya Darling."" --Jim Henson's Muppets - sing ""I Feel Pretty"" in a ""How to be Ugly"" skit. --Gilbert Price (singer) - ""Old Man River"" --Jack Benny (comedian doing a stand-up act) --Edward Villella and Patricia McBride (ballet dancers, from the New York City Ballet) - dance a pas de deux CBS repeated this show on July 2, 1967.

Air Date: 1967-04-30

35  Expo '67: The Supremes; Xavier Cugat with Charo

Broadcast from Montreal's Expo '67 --The Supremes - ""The Happening"" --The Supremes - medley: ""Thoroughly Modern Millie,"" ""Second Hand Rose"" and ""Mame."" (Supremes are wearing flapper costumes.) Other guests: --Xavier Cugat with Charo - Latin medley --Roberta Peters - ""Bell Song"" --Frank Ifield - ""You Came Out Of Nowhere"" & ""She Taught Me How To Yodel"" --Clair & McMahon (comedy team, computer dating routine) --Corbet Monica (comedian) --The Alcettys (balancing act) Audience bows: Jean Drapeau (Montreal mayor); Bill Haughton (harness jockey); Bob Usury (Kentucky Derby winner); Leslie Uggams

Air Date: 1967-05-07

36  The Turtles / Woody Allen / Leslie Uggams

The Turtles - ""Happy Together"" & ""She'd Rather Be with Me"" Other guests: -- Woody Allen (stand-up comedy routine) - includes jokes about Ed Sullivan & Ed's show. --Leslie Uggams - sings ""Being Good"" & "" Hallelujah, Baby!"" (both songs are from the play ""Hallelujah, Baby!"" in which Leslie played Georgina Franklin) --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - stand-up jokes about both mothers coming to dinner for Mother's Day. They sing ""Irish-Jewish Marriage."" --Aliza Kashfi - ""If I Were A Rich Man"" (song from ""Fiddler On the Roof,"" sung In English and Hebrew) --Enzo Stuarti - ""Exodus"" --Tanya Solnik (young girl sings in Hebrew) --The Keigo Imperial Dancers (dancers from Japan) --The Varadys (teeter board acrobats) --Audience Bows: Navy Vietnam Veterans

Air Date: 1967-05-14

37  Expo '67: The Seekers; Petula Clark; Alan King

Broadcast from Montreal's Expo '67 Guests: --The Seekers - ""Georgy Girl"" --Petula Clark - medley: ""I Know A Place,"" ""Je Me Sens Bien,"" ""My Love"" and ""Downtown"" --Petula Clark - ""Don't Sleep in the Subway"" and ""This is My Song"" (sung partially in French) --Alan King (comedian) --Birgit Nilsson and the Montreal Symphony - ""In Questa Reggia"" (The Montreal Symphony under the direction of Wilfrid Pelletier.) --Ronald Turini (plays piano with the Montreal Symphony) --Claude Leveillee - ""Le Rendezvous"" (Actor discovered by Edith Piaf) --Peter Gennaro (choreographer) dances with female dancers at various pavilions. --Les Feux Follets (square dance & clog dancers in traditional costumes, dancing with brooms) Audience bows: Jean Drapeau (Montreal mayor) & Pierre Dupuy (Commissioner General of Expo '67)

Air Date: 1967-05-21

38  The Temptations / Robert Goulet / Tessie O' Shea / Pickle Brothers

Guests: --The Temptations - medley: ""(I Know) I'm Losing You,"" ""All I Need"" and ""My Girl"" --Robert Goulet - ""The Impossible Dream"", ""My Cup Runneth Over"", ""Walking Happy"" --The Roselles (South American Highwire act) - On tape, introduced by Ed from Expo 67 in Montreal. --The Jovers (balancing duo) --Tessie O' Shea - ""Two Ton Tessie"" --Peter Lawford (audience bow) --The Pickle Brothers (comedy trio, fast-paced vaudeville-style humor) - Dracula sketch --Audience Bow: Peter Wolfendon (New Zealand pacing driver who trained and developed trotter ""Cardigan Bale"") Ed mentions that he and Sylvia had purchased a few trotters (horses) recently. Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Jane Morgan --Topo Gigio --Doodletown Pipers --Lee Tully --Jack De Leon

Air Date: 1967-05-28

39  The Young Rascals / Harry James Orchestra / Rodney Dangerfield

--Nancy Ames - ""Blow Gabriel Blow"" (with Harry James playing trumpet) --Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - sketch: Topo dreams what it would be like with his mouse-wife Rosie and their baby mouse. (Topo only appears at the beginning and end of sketch.) --Roger Ray (stand-up comedian with xylophone) --The Young Rascals - ""A Girl Like You"" & ""Groovin'"" --Georgie Kaye (stand-up comedy, jokes: florists; N.Y. lottery, Expo 67', income tax forms) --Harry James Orchestra - ""Blues for Sale"" --Audience bow: Paul Anka --Nancy Ames - ""So What's New"" & ""Nice Work If You Can Get It"" -- Rodney Dangerfield (stand-up, jokes include shrink, car, brother, working in tough places, ""No Respect"" routine) --Chong & Mana (Chinese circus novelty act using bricks, flowers, knives, fire)

Air Date: 1967-06-04

40  Mamas and the Papas / Richard Pryor / Alan King

--Opening of show, Ed's intro --Topo Gigio (mouse) - talks about being sick from eating too much candy. --Topo Trio (Topo Gigio and two other mouse puppets) - sing ""Pop,"" a song in Italian. --Audience bow: Jennifer Reinke (spelling bee champion) Commmercial: Dutch Masters cigars --Kane Triplets (singers) - ""When Your Eyes Meet Mine,"" ""Pow! Pow! Pow!"" and ""Mutual Admiration Society. They also talk (or sing) about ""What It's Like To Be Triplets"" --Richard Pryor (stand-up comedy, re: being in the army, military pep talks, submarine warfare) Commercial: Anacin Pain Reliever --Rouvaun (opera singer) - ""Vesti La Giubba"" (dressed in clown suit) --Audience bows: Rod Laver & Ken Rosewald (tennis players); Bill Collins (Australian broadcaster) --Rouvaun - ""On A Clear Day"" --Rob Murray (juggler) Commercials: Geritol; Sominex --The Mamas and the Papas - ""Dedicated to the One I Love."" Mama Cass thanks Ed for putting pop groups on his show. --The Mamas and the Papas -

Air Date: 1967-06-11

41  20th Anniversary: Diahann Carroll; Spanky & Our Gang

Ed Sullivan's 20th Anniversary show: Guests: --Spanky & Our Gang - ""Sunday Will Never Be the Same"" & ""Coney Island Washboard"" --Diahann Carroll (singer-actress) - ""As Time Goes By"" & ""Running Wild"" --The Rubin Mitchell Trio - ""My Liza Jane"" --Peter Gennaro (dancer) - dance interpretation of ""On a Clear Day"" --Tanya The Elephant Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Norm Crosby (comedian) --Robert Merrill (Metropolitan Opera baritone) --Jack Carter (comedian)

Air Date: 1967-06-18

42  Connie Francis / Ronnie Dove / Henny Youngman

Guests: --Connie Francis テδ「テ「ツつャテ「ツツ ""Born Free,"" ""Winchester Cathedral"" and an Italian medley --Ronnie Dove and the Swingle Singers テδ「テ「ツつャテ「ツツ ""Cry"" (Johnnie Ray imitation) --Swingle Singers (French octet use their voices as instruments) --Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) --Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian with violin) --Flip Wilson (stand-up comedian) --Los Robellos / Dorcan Robles Band (Mariachi band) - ""Ceilito Lindo (Ai Ai),"" ""Rancho Grande,"" ""La Cucaracha"" & ""Mexican Hat Dance"" --Los Tonitos (high wire act) --Augsburg Jungle Wonders (trained animal act with monkey and baboon) CBS repeated this show on June 16, 1968.

Air Date: 1967-06-25

The Ed Sullivan Show

Season 20