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The Ed Sullivan Show - Season 10

16 viewers

1  scheduled: Edward G. Robinson; Edith Piaf; Helen Traubel; Jean Carroll

Scheduled guests: --Edward G. Robinson (actor, in scenes from Paddy Chayefsky's Broadway show ""Middle of the Night"") --Edith Piaf (French singer) - ""Poor People Of Paris"" and ""Black Denim Trousers"" --Helen Traubel --Jean Carroll

Air Date: 1956-09-23

2  Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz / Yogi Berra / Gisele MacKenzie / Joyce Grenfell

Lucy & Desi sketch: Ed Sullivan calls Desi at home to arrange interview, but Lucy thinks Edward Morrow is coming. (Sketch runs approx. 12 minutes) Other guests: --Yogi Berra (Ed interviews baseball player Berra) --Gisele MacKenzie - sings ""Delightful To Be Married"" & ""Canadian Sunset"" --Sal Maglie (Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher talks about baseball) --Joyce Grenfell (stand-up comedian: nursery school routine & tells jokes about cocktail parties) --Stockholm Gosskor - ""Goethewaltz"" & ""Swedish Marching Song"" (boys choir from Sweden) --Lilly Yokoi (Bicycle Acrobatics) Cameos: Baseball Managers & Players: Hank Aaron, Frank Torre --Benson Ford (Ford family member promoting United Charity Work) --President Dwight D. Eisenhower (on film, promoting charity work) Audience bow: Dr. Albert Jorgensen

Air Date: 1956-09-30

3  scheduled: Eartha Kitt; Kate Smith; Joe E. Lewis; Ricky Layne;Richardi

Scheduled guests: --Eartha Kitt --Kate Smith --Joe E. Lewis (comedian) --Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) --Richardi (illusionist) --Royal Danish Ballet

Air Date: 1956-10-07

4  Dedication of the Henry & Edsel Ford Auditorium / Johnny Carson

Dedication of The Henry & Edsel Ford Auditorium Show (broadcast from the Edsel Ford Memorial Auditorium in Detroit). Guests (on last 20 minutes of show): --Johnny Carson - impersonates Ed Sullivan and Edward R. Murrow. --Richiardi (illusionist) - Richiardi levitates a woman --On film: The New York premiere of the movie ""Giant"" with Jack Warner, George Stevens, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson. Includes scene from ""Giant."" --Audience bows: Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Winslow (James Dean's Aunt and Uncle, who raised the late actor); Mayor of Detroit, Albert E Cobo (spelling?); Members of the Detroit Memorial Hall commission; Ford family memebers; Ford Dealer representatives (on-stage bows); --William Clay Ford (Ford rep) & dealer reps deliver keys to new theater. Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Vivian Blaine --Nanci Crompton (ballerina) --Takeo Usui (Japanese aerialist) --Jinx (performing monkey)

Air Date: 1956-10-14

5  scheduled: Jack Paar / On film: Robert Mitchum; Rita Hayworth; Jack Lemmon

Scheduled guests: --Jack Paar --Marion Marlowe --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --Salvador (French comedian) --The Bokaras (acrobats on teeterboard) --The Sciplini chimps (boxing chimps) --On film: interviews with Rita Hayworth, Jack Lemmon and Robert Mitchum.

Air Date: 1956-10-21

6  Elvis Presley (2nd appearance) / Senior Wences / Joyce Grenfell

--Elvis Presley (2nd appearance) - ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ""Love Me Tender,"" ""Love Me"" (with the Jordanaires) and ""Hound Dog"" (with the Jordanaires). Other guests: --Senor Wences - ventriloquist with Pedro (head in box) and Johnny (hand puppet) --Joyce Grenfell (comedian) - sings ""Countess of Cotlet"" --Scene from Broadway show ""The Most Happy Fella"" (including songs ""Happy to Make Your Acquaintence"" and ""Big D"") --Little Gaelic Singers (children's chorus from Ireland) - ""Dancin' Song,"" ""Dandlin Song"" and ""Believe Me"" --Unus - Circus act in top hat & cape (introduced by Scampi - little boy in top hat) Audience bows: Robert Webb; Earl Wilson; DJs from Ottawa

Air Date: 1956-10-28

7  scheduled: Maurice Evans; Nelson Eddy; Patti Page; Henri Salvador; Elliot Reed

Scheduled guests: --Nelson Eddy --Maurice Evans (Broadway star) --Patti Page (singer) --Elliot Reed (comedian) --Richiardi (illusionist) --Henri Salvador (French singer-comedian) --Toriani (juggling act)

Air Date: 1956-11-04

8  Life Magazine Tribute with Julie Andrews; Bing Crosby; Phil Silvers

Tribute to Life Magazine --Bing Crosby - sings ""True Love"" --Julie Andrews - sings a medley of ""Wouldn't It be Lovely,"" ""I'll Follow My Secret Heart"" and ""Someone to Watch over Me"" --Kate Smith - sings ""God Bless America"" --Phil Silvers Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Louis Armstrong --Marcel Marceau --Michael Redgrave and Barbara Bel Geddes appear in a scene from their Broadway play ""The Sleeping Prince.""

Air Date: 1956-11-11

9  Fats Domino / Guy Mitchell / Elvis Presley (film clip)

Guests: --Fats Domino - ""Blueberry Hill"" --Guy Mitchell - ""Singing the Blues"" --Don Rondo (singer) - ""Two Different Worlds"" --Mitzi Green - talks about the Palace Theater, sings ""Two A Day,"" then imitates Joe E. Lewis --Lou Nelson (stand-up comedian & song and dance man) - tells jokes about smiling, laughter, traffic regulations. --Sid Fields (comedian) - appears with Ben Blue as ""Shando,"" the mind reader --Ben Blue (comedian doing a pantomime sketch, Charlie Chaplin-type character) --Elsa And Waldo (woman in tutu pulls strings of a puppet) --Conn and Mann (tap dancing duo from the Copacabana) --On film: clip from the Elvis Presley's film ""Love Me Tender"" (Elvis' debut as a movie star). --Also: Ed introduces newest Air Academy military uniforms designed by Cecil B. De Mille & Henry Wilcoxon.

Air Date: 1956-11-18

10  Maria Callas & Rudolf Bing / Clark Gable (filmed interview)

Guests: --Teresa Brewer - ""Mutual Admiration Society"" & ""Gonna Get Along Without You Now"" (clip with polo player, sword fighters, and dancer superimposed at bottom of screen). --Rudolf Bing (Patron of the Arts from the Metropolitan) - explains ""Tosca"" --Maria Callas & Rudolf Bing - ""Tosca"" (huge operatic production number, Maria's television debut) --Dick Shawn (comedian, Civil War routine & song about the war) --1956 Colliers All American Football Team (film footage of football games. Footage of Governor Gary of Oklahoma introducing two players on Colliers list from Oklahoma). Ed Interviews Players --The Barbour Brothers & Jean (two men & a woman do dance routine on stilts) On film: Clark Gable - Ed Goes to New Mexico to meet Clark Gable in a ghost town, the set of ""The King and Four Queens."" Raoul Walsh, the director, is also shown on the set. Mom McDade aims gun at Clark & shoots Ed. Audience bow: Arnold Tucker (quarterback on Army team, bomber pilot in Korea)

Air Date: 1956-11-25

11  Rosemary Clooney / Sophie Tucker / Anthony Newley / Modern Screen Awards

Guests: --Rosemary Clooney - ""April In Paris"" --Cranks (British comedy review) - (1) Anthony Newley sings ""I'm The Boy You Should Say Yes To"" & ""I'm In Love"" (2) Anthony Newley, Annie Ross & Gilbert Vernon perform a magic gloves sketch --Princeton Triangle Club (men in drag, in tutus) - Twelve players do comic ballet titled ""Goose Lagoon,"" then present Ed with an award. --Sophie Tucker (with Ted Shapiro?) - medley: ""I Always Have A Special Song,"" ""You Made Me Love You,"" """"Mama Goes Where Papa Goes,"" ""Put You're Arms Around Me Honey,"" ""You Made Me Love You,"" ""Mama Goes Where Papa Goes (Holding A Gun),"" ""La Vie En Rose,"" ""Rock Around The Clock"" and ""Some Of These Days"" --Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian) --On film: clip from ""The Teahouse Of The August Moon."" Followed by footage of Ed Sullivan visiting Marlon Brando, Michiko Kyo and Glen Ford on the movie set. --Liselote Kuester & Jockel Stahl (dance team) - couple dressed in matching suits do a dance routine. --Audience b

Air Date: 1956-12-02

12  sched: Kate Smith; Sam Levenson; Joyce Grenfell; Gaelic Singers

Scheduled guests: --Kate Smith --Sam Levenson --Joyce Grenfell --The little Gaelic Singers of Ireland --Dario Cassini (singer) --Klauson's Bears --A group of women gymnasts from Finland --The United Press awards for the ""Football Team of the Year"" --On film: Ed visits the Israeli Theatre in Paris.

Air Date: 1956-12-09

13  scheduled: Rise Stevens; Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy; Jack Paar; Jo Sullivan

Scheduled guests: --Jack Paar --Rise Stevens --Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy --Art Lund, Jo Sullivan and the three Abbondanza boys performing scenes from their Broadway play ""The Most Happy Fella."" --Baby Opal (performing elephant)

Air Date: 1956-12-16

14  scheduled: Gracie Fields; Kaye Ballard; Dolores Wilson; Annie Cordy

Scheduled guests: --Gracie Fields (actress) --Kaye Ballard (comedian) --Dolores Wilson (opera singer) --Annie Cordy (chanteuse) --Varvel and Bailey & Les Chanteurs de Paris (French singers) --The Half Brothers (juggling unicyclists) --Victor Julian and his performing dogs

Air Date: 1956-12-23

15  scheduled: Look Award winners: Sid Caesar; Edward R. Murrow; Walt Disney

Scheduled: --The Annual Look magazine TV awards including winners Sid Caesar, Perry Como, Walt Disney, Red Grange, Garry Moore, Edward R. Murrow, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and Phil Silvers. Other scheduled guests: --The Vagabonds (comedy singing group) --LuAnn Simms (singer) --Ernesto Lecuona (Cuban songwriter) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist, with his dummy Velvel) --Piet Van Brecht (European comedy act) --The Alcettys (novelty act) --The Mills chimpanzees

Air Date: 1956-12-30

16  Elvis Presley (3rd appearance) / Carol Burnett / Sugar Ray Robinson

--Elvis Presley (3rd appearance) - ""Hound Dog,"" ""Heartbreak Hotel,"" ""Love Me Tender,"" ""Don't Be Cruel,"" ""Too Much,"" ""When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again"" and ""Peace in the Valley."" Other guests: --Carol Burnett (stand-up comedy) - re: different types of singers at auditions: a nervous girl singing ""Paper Moon"" & an overly confident woman singing ""I Feel A Song Coming On."" --Sugar Ray Robinson (interviewed by Sullivan after losing title fight, in jest Ed shows him how to box) --Arthur Worlsey (British ventriloquist) - dummy recites the alphabet --Lonnie Satin - ""I Believe"" (from ""Cotton Club"") --Leny Eversong (singer, from Brazil) - ""El Cumbanchero"" and ""Cante Afre Cubano"" (powerful gutsy singer) --Nancy Crompton (dancer, does hyper ballet) --The Six Gutis (Clowns & Men In Gorillas Suits) --Bory & Bor (sight gag - a man is wearing a costume which makes him looks like 2 people dancing) Audience bows: Don Budge; Jackie Robinson (newly retired); Gene Ward; Jimmy Lanno

Air Date: 1957-01-06

17  scheduled: Imogene Coca; Kate Smith; Professor Backwards

Scheduled guests: --Imogene Coca (comedian) --Kate Smith (singer) --Jim Edmondson (comedian known as ""Professor Backwards"") --Fernanda Montel (South American singer) --The Dam Brothers (Danish comedy performers) --The Ballet Basque (a company of singers, dancers and musicians from France)

Air Date: 1957-01-13

18  Sonny James / Fess Parker / Ivory Joe Hunter

Singers / musicians: --Sonny James - ""Young Love"" --Ivory Joe Hunter (at piano) - ""Since I Met You"" --Betty Johnson - ""I Dreamed"" (or ""I Dream) --Fess Parker (with guitar) - ""Wringle Wrangle"" --The Tarriers - ""The Banana Boat Song"" --Russell Arms - ""Cinco Robles"" --Jill Corey - ""I Love My Baby"" --Marion Marlowe - ""True Love"" --Mattiwilda Dobbs (Metropolitan Opera star) - ""Summertime"" Other guests: --Ben Blue (pantomime act) - (1) Cafe sketch with ""live"" lobsters (2) quick change sketch portrait comes to life --Three Markays (3-man acrobatic team, contortionists do routine on parallel bars) --On film: Ed at annual banquet for the Indianapolis 500 auto race. --Women modeling gowns from past inaugurations. Models: Jo Sullivan, Marion Marlowe, Gena Rowlands, Gretchen Wildler, Julia Mead, Edith Adams, Jill Corey. --Audience bows: Edward Mulhare (actor); John Cassevetes

Air Date: 1957-01-20

19  scheduled: Louis Armstrong; Ella Fitzgerald; Dorothy Kirsten; Mario del Monaco

Scheduled guests: --Louis Armstrong --Ella Fitzgerald --The West point Glee Club --Dorothy Kirsten and Mario del Monaco (Metropolitan opera stars performing scenes from the opera ""Madam Butterfly."") --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --The Szonys (dancers)

Air Date: 1957-01-27

20  scheduled: Vic Damone; Jose Greco; Al Hibbler

Scheduled guests: --Vic Damone (singer) --Al Hibbler (singer) --Jose Greco - singer, with his troupe of Flamenco dancers --Willie, West and McGinty (comedy trio) --Bas Sheva (Israeli singer) - ""Sheibone Beis Hamikdesh"" (possible song) --Estelita (Cuban singer) --Frank Libuse (comedian) --Ruwe and Louie (ventriloquist act)

Air Date: 1957-02-03

21  scheduled: Benny Goodman; Victor Borge; Charlotte Rae

--Benny Goodman (with his big band and trio) - ""Let's Dance,"" ""Memories of You"" and ""Just One of Those Things"" Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Johnny Carson --Charlotte Rae (comedian, then appearing in the Broadway musical ""Li'l Abner"") --Victor Borge (comedian) --Benny Fields (vaudevillian) --Blossom Seeley (vaudevillian) --Rene's Puppets --Tonito (high wire performers) On film: The screen tests of two of four actresses trying out for the lead in the movie ""Marjorie Morningstar.""

Air Date: 1957-02-10

22  scheduled: Hugh O'Brian; Robert Wagner; Jeannie Carson

Scheduled guests: --Cecil B. DeMille (producer of the film ""The Ten Commandments"") --Robert Wagner --Hugh O'Brian --Jeannie Carson --Peter Gennaro and Ellen Ray (dancing duo from the Broadway production of ""The Bells Are Ringing."") --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --The Harlem Magicians (comedic basketball team which includes Goose Tatum and Marques Haynes) --Hilde Gueden and Jussi Bjoerling (opera singers)

Air Date: 1957-02-17

23  Lena Horne; Xavier Cugat; Abbe Lane; Doretta Morrow

Scheduled guests: --Lena Horne --Abbe Lane (singer) --Xavier Cugat --Doretta Morrow (from the Broadway show ""Kismet"") --Eddie Mayehoff

Air Date: 1957-02-24

24  Lerner & Loewe Tribute: Gene Kelly; Leslie Caron; Fred Astaire

Tribute to Alan Jay Lerner & Fritz Loewe - presented in connection with the first anniversary of their Broadway hit ""My Fair Lady."" Lerner and Loewe appear on this show. Songs from ""My Fair Lady"": --Edward Mulhare (temporary replacing Rex Harrison) sings ""What Can't the English?"" --Stanley Holloway, Gordon Dilworth and Rod McLennan sing ""With a Little Bit O' Luck""--Michael King sings ""On Street Where You Live"" (from the original cast) Guests (performing songs from other Lerner-Loewe plays): --Fred Astaire & Jane Powell - perform a tap dance routine from ""The Liar's Song"" --Gene Kelly & Leslie Caron - dance to ""Love Is Here To Stay"" --Tony Bavaar sings ""I Talk to the Trees"" (from ""Paint Your Wagon"") --Jane Morgan sings ""Almost Like Being in Love"" (song and dance number from ""Brigadoon"") Also: --Stanley Holloway - recites poem, a sequel to ""Albert & The Lion"" --Marie Wilson (actress from ""My Friend Irma"") - interrupts Ed early in program and, later, does a mon

Air Date: 1957-03-03

25  scheduled: Henry Fonda (on film); Wilt Chamberlain; Don Ameche

On film: An interview with Henry Fonda including clips from his film ""Twelve Angry Men"" Other scheduled guests (live on stage): --Associated Press All-American college basketball team led by Wilt Chamberlain --Don Ameche --Senor Wences (ventriloquist) --Charlie Gracie (singer) - scheduled to sing his hit recording ""Butterfly."" --Richard Tucker (opera singer) --Renata Tebaldi (opera singer) --Ben Blue (pantomimist) --The Wiere Brothers

Air Date: 1957-03-10

26  scheduled: Robert Mitchum; Ames Brothers; Edie Adams

Scheduled guests: --Robert Mitchum (actor) - turns singer & dancer as he performs a medley of calpyso tunes that he recently recorded. --Beatrice Lillie and Billy De Wolfe - perform scenes from the Broadway musical ""The Ziegfeld Follies,"" including dancing numbers led by Harold Lang and Helen Wood. --Edie Adams (actress, then appearing on Broadway in ""Li'l Abner"") - does impressions of Shirley Temple, Marlene Dietrich, Jeanette MacDonald, Ruby Keeler and Marilyn Monroe. --The Ames Brothers (singing quartet) - sing a medley of Irish songs and are joined by Mitchum in one tune. --Connie Towers (singer) --Robert Briscoe (Lord Mayor of Dublin) --Joe, Jack and Joanie (acrobatic trio)

Air Date: 1957-03-17

27  scheduled: Julie London; Rodgers and Hammerstein; Ella Fitzgerald

Scheduled guests: --Julie London sings the title song from the movie ""Boy On a Dolphin"" --On film: Clips from ""Boy On a Dolphin"" starring Sophia Loren, Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb. --Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein - appeared to promote their musical ""Cinderella."" --Ella Fitzgerald (singer) --Giulietta Masina (Italian movie star) --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --The Ohio State Glee Club --Paul Hahn (comic golfer) --Miss Mara (Spanish aerialist)

Air Date: 1957-03-24

28  Fred Astaire / Fredric March / Peggy Wood / Buddy Knox / Ferlin Husky

Guests: --Buddy Knox (singer) - ""Party Doll"" --Frank Libuse (comedian) --Byron Nelson (golf pro) and Ken Ventura appear with Julia Meade --Paul Douglas, David Burns, Kay Medford and Tommy White (11 years old) perform a scene from their Broadway show ""A Hole in the Head"" --Fred Astaire - is interviewed by Ed. Fred then lip-synches his latest Verve recording ""That Face."" --Jacqueline Francois sings ""Love Is a Child."" --American actors Fredric March, Florence Eldridge and Peggy Wood meet with French stars: Gerard Philipe, Micheline Presle, Jean Marais, Francoise Arnoul, Juliette Greco and Jacqueline Francois. --Jacqueline Francois sings an uptempo French song --Abbe Lane - ""Arriverderce Roma"" --Xavier Cougat - uptempo Latin instrumental --Ferlin Husky (singer) - ""Gone"" --Jimmy Bowen (singer) - ""I'm Stickin' With You""

Air Date: 1957-04-07

29  scheduled: Judy Holliday; Henry Fonda; Alan King; Alma Cogan

--Judy Holliday (actress) - sings ""I'm Going Back"" (from her Broadway musical ""Bells Are Ringing"") and ""Full of Life,"" the title song from her 1957 movie. Other guests (scheduled to appear): --Henry Fonda introduces film clips from his new movie ""Twelve Angry Men"" --Alan King (comedian) --Kay Thompson (actress, whose current movie was ""Funny Face"") - sings ""Quelle Joie"" and ""Bozazz."" --Alma Cogan (English singer & pianist) - performs a song from the TV musical ""Cinderella"" --Roy Campanella (catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers) --Smith and Dale (comedy team doing an income-tax sketch) --Jack Harris (radio singer) - sings ""Sweet and Lovely"" and ""Maybe It's Because I Love Too Much"" --Linon (comedy wire-walker) --Paul Anderson (1956 Olympic weight lifting champion) - shown lifting 20 people (in a remote from Reno, Nevada)

Air Date: 1957-04-14

30  scheduled: Buster Keaton; Donald O'Connor; Chester Gould

Scheduled guests: --Buster Keaton (comedian) --Donald O'Connor (dancer & actor, in a remote from Las Vegas) - O'Connor does a portion of his Vegas night club act. --Chester Gould (""Dick Tracy"" artist and creator) --Charlotte Rae (comedian) - plays the Grand Duchess in a satire of ""Anastasia."" --Gale Gordon and Bob Sweeney (comedians) - do a comedy sketch about refinishing the attic of their home. --Don Murray (movie actor, from ""The Bachelor Party"") - does a special dance number.--Roberta Sherwood (singer) - sings ""Easter Parade"" --Marion Marlowe - sings ""Ave Maria."" --Mitzi Greene (comedian) - shows film clips of the highlights of her movie career as a youngster, and sings a medley of her early song hits.

Air Date: 1957-04-14

31  Bill Haley & the Comets / Lena Horne / Tony Perkins

--Bill Haley & the Comets - ""40 Cups Of Coffee"" & "" Rudy's Rock"" (instrumental - 2nd song) --Lena Horne - ""From This Moment On,"" ""I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face,"" ""Day In Day Out"" & ""From This Moment On"" --Tony Perkins - ""Rover's Lane"" --Ed introduces Tony Perkins to Jimmy Piersall (whom Perkins played in ""Fear Strikes Out"") --Jack Paar (stand-up, talks about art, commercials & his comeback) --Alfred Apaka (Hawaiian singer) - ""Speak Love"" and, earlier in show, sings 2 songs as part of Polynesian production number. --The Happy Jesters - ""Your Cheatin' Heart"" --George Dewitt (stand-up comedy, tells jokes about regional differences) --Senator George Smathers (Florida Senator gets award for fighting mental illness) --Barbara & Her Dog (novelty act, dog performs math tricks) --Pee Wee Hockey Team (presents Ed with stuffed baby seal) Audience bows: Henry J. Kaiser; Barney Ross (boxer); Jim Spaulding (bowler); Helen Landon (Carnival Cotton Queen); Hy Gardner -

Air Date: 1957-04-28

32  Johnnie Ray / Walter Pidgeon / Sugar Ray Robinson

Guests: --Johnnie Ray - ""All Of Me"" and ""Yes Tonight Josephine"" --Johnnie Ray (later in show) - medley: ""Cry,"" ""Just Walking In The Rain"" and ""Should I Reveal?"" --The Vagabonds (instrumental/comedy group) - ""Lazy River"" --James Melton (singer) - ""Almost Like Being In Love"" (with female violinists) Other guests: --Boxers Sugar Ray Robinson and Gene Fulmer meet on stage. --Walter Pidgeon & Ruth Mayyeson - appear in scene from ""The Happiest Millionaire"" (Note: Ruth Mayyeson is listed as ""Ruth Matteson"" on the transcript.) --Walter Pidgeon joins Ed, Sugar Ray & Gene Fulmer on stage. They talk about Walter's boxing techniques. Then Ed interviews the boxers. -- Dewey Pigmeat Markham (comedian) - routine: Dewey & Shorty argue about mathematics. (Boy wonder Robert Strom who won $192,000 on ""$64,000 Question"" joins Pigmeat & Ed Sullivan in mathematics sketch) --Ballet performance choreographed by Nina Novak --Audience bows: Abba Eban; General Burnell; Governor Lane

Air Date: 1957-05-05

33  scheduled: Navy talent show / Bob & Ray / Jack Dempsey

All-Navy talent program (talent chosen from Navy personnel from all over the country) Scheduled guests: (1) Navy talent includes: --The Four Palms (Marine vocal quartet) (2) Civilian talent: --Jack Dempsey (former heavyweight boxing champion) --Harvey Stone (comedian) --Bob and Ray (comedy team)

Air Date: 1957-05-12

34  scheduled: Tommy Sands; Rise Stevens; Glenn Miller Band (led by Ray McKinley)

Scheduled guests: --Tommy Sands - ""Teenage Crush"" and ""Goin' Steady"" --Tommy Sands, Rise Stevens and Julie Wilson - ""Drop That Name"" (from the Broadway musical ""Bells Are Ringing"") --Rise Stevens (opera star) --Julie Wilson (nightclub singer) --The Glenn Miller Band (led by Ray McKinley) --Judge Dewey ""Pigmeat"" Markham (comedian) --Lou Holtz (comedian) --Davis and Reese (comedy team) --Georges Ulmer (comedy singer from London) --The Maxwells (comedy balancers)

Air Date: 1957-05-19

35  Jayne Mansfield / Jack Webb / Sam Snead / Dolores Grey / Gene Austin

--Jayne Mansfield - plays violin and, later in show, plays ""Malguena"" on the piano --Jack Webb talks with Ed about his new film ""The D.I."" --Bill Kenny (formerly of the Ink Spots) - ""The Best Way You Know How"" --Sam Snead (gives golf lesson on stage) --Phil Foster sings ""Let's Keep The Dodgers In Brooklyn"" --Ricky Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - also did a bit about the Brooklyn Dodgers and baseball immediately following Phil Foster. --Dolores Gray - ""Fool's Errand"" & ""There'll Be Some Changes Made"" --Gene Austin (1920's recording artist) - plays piano and sings show tunes. (Scheduled to perform a medley of his hits including ""My Blue Heaven."") --Will Jordan (comedian, impersonates Ed Sullivan, Robert Mitchum, Bing Crosby & Jack Benny) --The Three Cottas (acrobatic act with two men, one woman & two dogs) --Martha Ann Bentley (ballet dancer) --Ed Introduces Martha Ann Bentley to Red Skelton & daughter (on stage).

Air Date: 1957-05-26

36  scheduled: Tony Martin; Sarah Vaughn; Janet Blair

Scheduled guests: --Tony Martin (singer) --Sarah Vaughan (singer) --Janet Blair (singer) --Lily Pons (singer) --Tony Martin, Sarah Vaughn, Lily Pons and Janet Blair - sing ""Sunshine Girl"" (from the Broadway musical ""New Girl in Town"") --Bob Lewis (comedian) --The Maxwells (billed as a ""basket-balancing act"") --Piet Von Brecht (novelty act) --A presentation of the Clarence Derwent Awards for the theater's best supporting performances.

Air Date: 1957-06-02

37  scheduled: Joni James; Alan King; Harry Belafonte (on film)

Scheduled guests: --Joni James (singer) --Alan King (comedian) --On film: Harry Belafonte is shown singing ""Lead Man Holler"" in a clip from his movie, ""Island in the Sun."" --Judge Dewy ""Pigmeat"" Markham and Company (comedians) --The Malagon Sisters (vocal group) --Frances Faye (singer-pianist) - possible songs: ""Too-ra-loo-ra-loor-al (That's an Irish Lullaby)"" and ""Darktown Strutters Ball"" --Lou Nelson (comedian) --Joyce's camels, llamas and zebra

Air Date: 1957-06-09

38  Johnny Mathis / Polly Bergen / Rusty Draper / Bing Crosby (on film)

--Johnny Mathis - ""It's Not For Me To Say"" --Rusty Draper - ""Freight Train"" --John Raitt - soliloquy from ""Carousel"" --Polly Bergen - ""Can't Help Lovin' that Man"" & ""Just in Time"" --Victor Julian & Pets (trained animal act with dancing poodles) --Jean Carroll (stand-up comedian) --Paul Anderson (1956 Olympic weight-lifting champion) --Don Rondo - ""White Silver Sands"" --Page and Bray (ballroom ""adagio-dance"" duo) --Col. Ed Eagan presents an award to Alan Villiers, the captain of the Mayflower II (Mayflower replica) which sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Mass. On film: --Film clip of Bing Crosby singing ""Temptation"" --Ed interviews Bing Crosby and Inger Stevens on set of the movie ""Man on Fire""

Air Date: 1957-06-16

39  scheduled: Burt Lancaster; Gene Kelly; Helen Wood

Ninth Anniversary special broadcast from the Outdoor Marine Theater at Jones Beach, N.Y. Scheduled guests: --Burt Lancaster and Barbara Nichols (actors) - appear together in a comedy sketch. --Gene Kelly - does a soft shoe duet with Ed Sullivan. --Guy Lombardo (bandleader) - ""Show Boat"" medley. (Note: Guy Lombardo takes over the orchestra during this medley.) --Harold Lang and Helen Wood from the Broadway show ""The Ziegfield Follies"" --David Atkinson and Gloria Hamilton (performers from the Broadway show ""Show Boat"") - ""You Are Love"" --Julie Wilson (singer) - ""I'm a Bad Bad Girl"" & a Cole Porter medley --Dick Contino (accordion player) - ""Around the World"" & ""Granada"" --Lou Holtz (comedian) - tells Sam Lapidus stories --Frank Libuse (comedian) --Elliott Murphy's Aqua Belles --The Cypress Garden (Florida) Water Skiers

Air Date: 1957-06-23

40  Everly Brothers / Frances Farmer / Nancy Whiskey / Prince & the Showgirl premiere

Guests: --Everly Brothers - ""Bye, Bye Love"" --Frances Farmer - ""Aura Lee"" --Nancy Whiskey & The Charles McDevitt Skiffle Group - ""Freight Train"" --Bonnie Guitar - ""Dark Moon"" (sings and plays guitar) --Kaye Ballard (stand-up comedian, topic: Mothers are always right) --Kirby Stone Four (vocal impressionists) - sing a comic version of ""Lazy River"" while imitating other singers. -- Jo, Jac, And Joni - (3 person British comedy troupe) - troupe uses musical instruments as props --Davis and Reese (stand-up comedians doing impressions) --Jackie Pung (Female golfer who lost the US Open on a technicality) --University Of Georgia Glee Club - sings ""June Is Bustin' Out All Over,"" ""Hand Holdin' Music,"" ""If I Loved You"" and the Georgia School Song (conducted by Byron Warner) --Barber And Manselle (former Harvest Moon Dancers perform) --Ed Talks To Michael Mark (boy contestant on the ""$64,000 Question"") --Audience bow: Rex Smith --On film: ""Prince and the Showgirl""

Air Date: 1957-06-30

41  Louis Armstrong / Teresa Brewer / Jack Paar / Gary Cooper / Betty Madigan

Guests: --Gary Cooper - Gary Cooper and Ed Sullivan watch a clip from ""Love In The Afternoon."" Ed talks with Gary Cooper. --Louis Armstrong - ""Beautiful Dreamer"" --Betty Madigan - ""Lets Dance"" --Teresa Brewer - ""Teardrops In My Heart"" and a medley of Jimmy McHugh songs (""When My Sugar Walks Down The Street,"" ""Lonesomest Gal In Town"" and ""Maggie Blues"") --Enzo Stuarti - ""Drink, Drink"" (listed as ""Enzo Duarte"" on transcript) --""Glee Club"" (Louis Armstrong, Teresa Brewer, Pat Rooney, and Enzo Duarte) sings ""Sweet Adeline"" --Jack Paar (stand-up comedian) - fashion display ""I Remember"" routine --Dewey Pigmeat Markham (The Judge & Shorty) - African-American comedy team, sketch: Civil defense men in graveyard. --Farley & combo (standing on huge trumpet) - ""Music Goes Round and Round"" --Pat Rooney - tap dances to ""When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"" --Alan and De Wood (comedy team) - topical humor, current events, Japanese soldier routine --Gardner Guards - 40 members play ""

Air Date: 1957-07-07

42  scheduled: Sal Mineo; Diahann Carroll; Don Cherry

Scheduled guests: --Sal Mineo sings ""Start Movin"" --Diahann Carroll --Don Cherry --Marvin Rainwater sings ""Gonna Find Me a Bluebird"" --Sue Carson (comedian) --Rickie Layne (ventriloquist with his dummy Velvel) --Art Mooney and his band --Willie Mosconi (pocket billiards champion)

Air Date: 1957-07-14

43  scheduled: Ernie Kovacs; Myron Cohen; Four Aces

Scheduled guests: --Ernie Kovacs and his Nairobi Trio --The Four Aces --Myron Cohen (comedian) --Ted Lewis (bandleader) --Hurricane Jackson (heavyweight challenger) --Connie Boswell and the original Memphis Five --Barbara Hall (billed as a ""showgirl-Shakespeare expert"") --The Molidor Trio (European novelty act)

Air Date: 1957-07-21

44  scheduled: Dan Dailey (guest host); the Crew Cuts; Roger Williams

Scheduled guests: --Dan Dailey (guest host for this week and next) --The Crew Cuts (vocal group) - ""My Blue Heaven"" --Roger Williams (pianist) --Toni Arden (singer) --Don Tannen (ventriloquist) Circus acts --Dan Dailey takes part in a trick-horse act --The Wallendas (high wire performers) --The Zacchinis (flying trapeze artists) --Victoria Zacchini (girl shot from cannon)

Air Date: 1957-07-28

45  Dan Dailey (guest host) / The Everly Brothers

--Dan Dailey (guest host) --Everly Brothers - ""Bye, Bye Love"" Additional guests (scheduled to appear): --Marion Marlowe --Cesare Vallett (opera singer) --Herb Score (Cleveland Indians pitcher) --Jay Lawrence (comedian) --The Kirby Stone Four (musical imitators) --Chiquita and Johnson (dance team) --The All-American Chorus (from Colorado, led by Roger D. Fee of the University of Colorado) --Venetia Stevenson (starlet, chosen by Ed Sullivan as ""The World's Most Photogenic Girl"" for a photography magazine)

Air Date: 1957-08-04

46  U.S. Army Show with Jayne Mansfield; Carol Burnett; Buddy Knox

Guests: --Jayne Mansfield - Ed talks to Jayne about her favorite movie stars. Jane sings ""The Army Goes Rolling Along"" with the Army Chorus (later in show). Ed flirts with Jane. --Buddy Knox - ""Party Doll"" & ""Hula Love"" --Carol Burnett - ""I Fell in Love with John Foster Dulles"" & ""Puppy Love"" --Peter Palmer - ""I Hear Music When I Look At You"" Army talent: --The Texans (dance the Texas two step) --Privates Norbert Chrison and Freddie Engel (acrobat act) --Buddy Dee and the Fort Dix Six (New Orleans style jazz musicians) -- Burke Twins - dance and acrobatics routine ---Carl Rice (hoofer routine) --The Cavaliers - Barbershop-style singing group --James Tiliman (comedy routine) --Karl Milliken - ""The House I Live In"" --Major Samuel Tyson - Ed interviews hero --Tommy Hufstaedler - guitar folk riff --Sullivan introduces Army brass in audience. --The Under Secretary of the Army Fenuki presents Ed with an award (replica of Nike Missile) for presentin

Air Date: 1957-08-11

47  scheduled: Cab Calloway; Janet Blair; Sue Carson; Dick Contino

Scheduled guests: --Cab Calloway --Janet Blair (actress-singer) --Sue Carson (comedian) --Connie Towers (singer) --Dick Contino (accordionist) --Elizabeth and Collins (acrobatic-knife-throwing team) --The Trio Molidors (novelty act from Europe) Athletes (scheduled to appear): --Otto Graham (former football star) --Bob Cousy (basketball star) --Gil McDougald (baseball player) --Cary Middlecoff (golfer) --Vic Seixas (tennis star) --Ted Atkinson (jockey)

Air Date: 1957-08-18

48  Sal Mineo / Guy Mitchell / Carman McRae / Wes Harrison

--Sal Mineo (actor-singer) - sings ""Lasting Love"" (and possibly ""You Shouldn't Do That"") --Guy Mitchell sings ""Call Rosie on the Phone"" --Paul Gilbert (comedian) - does a doctor routine. --Carmen McRae sings ""Skyliner"" (with band) --Wes Harrison (sound effects comedian)

Air Date: 1957-08-25

49  The Del Vikings / Joe Dimaggio / Mickey Mantle / Willie Mays

Guests: --The Del Vikings - ""Jitterbug Mary"" (listed as a ""military quartet"") --Nipsey Russell (stand-up comedian, topic: how slender his girlfriend is) --Sports writers Joe Trimble, Frank Graham, Jimmy Cannon ask Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays questions. (Sports Round Table) --Floyd Patterson (heavyweight champion) - Ed asks him why he eases up on his opponents. --The Famous Strolling Strings (orchestra violins) --The Copycats - ""Great Pretender"" (duo - one sings the other plays the piano) --Richardi (illusionist-magician, doing a ""disappearing woman"" trick) --Karen Laporte - ""Tammy"" --Danny Dillon - impersonates Bing Crosby, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Mr. Magoo --Don Baduria - Hawaiian ukulele player --Ronnie Evans - Air Force tap dancer --Bob Kearns (a technical sergeant who sings opera) --Richard Best - So in Love"" (ballad winner of Chicago Tribune singing contest) --Josephine Busilaki - ""My Hero"" (winner of Chicago Tribune singing contest

Air Date: 1957-09-01

50  1958 Ice Capades / Della Reese / Jimmie Rodgers / Paul Anka

Broadcast from Madison Square Garden. Guests: --Della Reese - ""Miss You So"" --Jimmie Rodgers - ""Honeycomb"" --Paul Anka - Diana"" --The Chordettes - ""Just Between You And Me"" --Marion Marlowe - ""One Night Of Love"" --Jean Carroll (stand-up comedian tells jokes about domestic life, makes fun of husband) --Jackie (correct name might be ""Jickie the balancer"") - acrobat, builds blocks while standing on his head --Ed introduces Tennis Champion Mel Anderson --On tape: Ed with Miss America Pageant Contestants Ice skating segments (all of these acts are probably from the 1958 Ice Capades): --""Fantasia"" Disney ice-skating production number with dancing hippos on ice. --Freddy Trenkler - does a slapstick skating routine --Helga (German ice skating champion) --Ronnie Robertson (ice skater) --Porgy And Larson - men playing badmitton on ice skates (with narration by Herb Kaumann) --La Bracque and Gray - ""The Dumbells"" (Ice Clowns as waiters on ice skates. One pre

Air Date: 1957-09-08

51  Andrews Sisters / Nick Todd / Billy Ward & the Dominos

--The Andrews Sisters - ""By His Word"" and a medley of hits --Billy Ward and the Dominos (vocal group) - ""Stardust"" --Nick Todd (Pat Boone's brother) - sings ""Plaything"" Complete Show: --Mildred Miller (opera singer) - sings ""Around The World In 80 Days"" --Florian Zabach (violinist) - plays ""Hot Canary"" --The Andrews Sisters - sing ""By His Word"" --Judge Dewey Markham and Shorty (comedy team) - argue mathematics --The Jackson Zouaves American Legion Drill Team (from Jackson, Michigan) - does marching maneuvers with rifles. --Ronnie Sweetz (national champion accordian player) - ""And That Reminds Me"" --Billy Ward and his Dominoes - ""Stardust"" --The Three Cottas (acrobats) - 2 men, 1 girl and 2 large dogs. (Note: might be The Carters, dance trio.) --Jill Corey - sings ""Love Me to Pieces"" --Joe E. Lewis (stand-up comedian) - routine about the Copacabana. --Nick Todd (Pat Boone's brother) - sings ""Plaything"" --Jules Munshin (Shakespearean actor) - does a tr

Air Date: 1957-09-15

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